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Deep Down could be headed to Xbox One as well as PlayStation 4, according to Capcom's latest annual report.

In the report, published earlier today, Capcom said that it was "moving forward with the development of new title 'deep down' for next-generation consoles, representing the culmination of Capcom technology and our next leap forward".

It also suggested that the game was a multi-platform game twice more in the report, stating that it was "currently developing 'deep down', which integrates the latest state-of-the-art technology for next-generation non-portable consoles such as the soon-to-be-released PlayStation 4," and while talking about the game's engine Panta Rhei.

"The counterpart in collaboration for the 'Panta Rhei' game engine is the title 'deep down' for next-generation consoles," the report reads. "We are pushing ahead with development in tandem with the title development team."

Though Capcom doesn't mention Xbox One by name, referring to the title as a game targeted "for next-generation consoles" suggests that the game could be on the way to Microsoft's console in addition to PS4.

Capcom has only previously confirmed Deep Down for launch on PlayStation 4.

The publisher's comments appear to clash with those of Yoshinori Ono, who appeared to suggest that Deep Down was a PS4 exclusive earlier in the week.

It was also revealed earlier this week that the game was set in a futuristic vision of New York, with players able to replay past memories.

A release date for the game has yet to be announced.

Source: Capcom Annual Report 2013

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Mike11585's Avatar


From what i understand Capcom wanted DR3 on Xbone MH4 on WiiU/3ds,and Deep Down for Ps4.Now i can see both Deep Down and Dead rising pop up for both consoles.Ono tweeted Deep Down is only being made for Ps4 right now.I expect in time both games will changed as a stated before.
Posted 03:27 on 12 September 2013
nitro_feen's Avatar


They already said Sony is helping build the New engine for the game so capcom has been weird about this game. they never used the word exclusive bit instead u get.words like unique. If Sony is helping out in some way its going to at least be timed exclusive or ms threw some capcom to keep it hush hush.its more likely a timed exclusive
Posted 14:29 on 11 September 2013



You mean you couldn't care less about who wins the console war, not you could care less which means you do care. Really grinds my gears when people get that wrong.
Posted 11:46 on 11 September 2013
alexvidal22's Avatar


Might as well say that Titanfall is coming to the PS4 since the developer said that the PS4 version is not ruled out...seriously...I could care less about who wins this console war but it's sad to see xbox fans get defensive of Titanfall saying that it will never be on the ps4 and yet have the guts to say this game will come out on xbone...Titanfalls developer's hint was much more obvious than this speculation....atleast the ps4 was actually addressed by the game developer.
Posted 06:30 on 11 September 2013
Los_VALOS's Avatar

Los_VALOS@ kaka223

Yeah, the purest form of click-bait. Shame really..
Posted 05:00 on 11 September 2013
kaka223's Avatar


Excessive speculation
Posted 03:27 on 11 September 2013
Los_VALOS's Avatar


SCEJ is collaborating with Capcom on the project, it's pretty damn unlikely they would work on a game for X1... And with that in mind, basing guesswork off of industry jargon in a business report? Extreme conjecture, that's all I've got to say. Third party exclusives for the most part are almost always going to go multiplat, but ironically this one is looking a lot less likely than others actually.
Posted 17:53 on 10 September 2013

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