Tom Orry, Editor – Football Manager 2016, PC

Football Manager 2016 screenshot

I'm now the Derby manager. That's not a statement that fills me with joy or something I particularly want to be doing, but that's the way things go in the crazy world of Football Manager. I got the job with only a handful of games remaining, won my first to be safe from relegation and then began the big transformation - or, I would have had the club not being so strapped for cash I couldn't afford to sign a teenager for £50k.

Derby has a good squad, with a couple of players getting interest from big Premier League clubs, so I'm confident good things can happen. I just hope the promises I've made in order to keep these players doesn't come back to bite me.

Steve Burns, Deputy Editor – Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 screenshot

Listen. LISTEN. I've played Dark Souls 3, and I've got to say I'm maybe a little less excited for it than I was before I saw it. Which isn't to say that it's bad, or anything. Just very familiar. Very, very familiar. Now, I said this on video and the reaction from some was vociferous. 'Wah, this doesn't look like Bloodborne, you're making it up'. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. We did a video and put them side by side and they look VERY SIMILAR. STOP BEING SUCH A FANBOY. GET A GRIP.

Ahem. Look. It's going to be fine. Just relax. You look nice today. Maybe. Well, better than usual. Why not, eh?

Alice Bell, Junior Staff Writer – Pokemon Red, 3DS

pokemon 2ds1 -

In the lull before The Division actually comes out, I only went and got one of them re–released pokemon games, didn't I? I got Red, because that's the one I had when I was nine. I haven't actually got very far yet: as is my general approach to any kind of game where you level, I'm massively over levelling for the area, so it's a huge grind to start with but then I can skip through the next few gyms quite easily. Currently decimating the local Pidgey population around Pallet town to incrementally level my Rattata up to match Bulbasaur. Yes, I picked Bulbasaur. Fuck you.

It's just like playing any other game you loved from your childhood: not as good as you remember. To be fair I'm not trying that hard to recapture the magic. I haven't even given my pokemon nicknames. But then neither did Ash. Anyway, am looking forwards to Sun/Moon. Think I'll probably go with Moon. I got Alpha Sapphire and X, so Moon seems to run well from those, thematically speaking. I hope you can still do the thing where you buy skinny jeans for your trainer.

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User Comments

johncarter's Avatar


Now I have the chance to play and to create my own football team, you honor me. Thanks for this review.
Posted 06:15 on 10 March 2016
JamieUK's Avatar


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Posted 02:31 on 06 March 2016


Glad it is not just me killing time till The Division comes out; I even played Destiny last night!
Posted 10:19 on 05 March 2016
dazzadavie's Avatar


Been really hard to get any decent games or RB6 siege this week, team kills and bad play on my part, plus longer and longer to find team mates and enemie teams.
I did get Revolt for my Android and my god I loved that game on the PlayStation and it's every bit as enjoyable as it was back then.
For the first time in 10years I book the day off for the The division. Kids at school, warned the wife and sooo looking forward to it!
Posted 09:52 on 05 March 2016
NicholasBI's Avatar


Squirtle is the best choice! I picked him too but unfortunately, I'm too much of a sentimental prick to ever allow my starter to evolve so he'll end up being rather weak compared to the rest of my team
Posted 09:40 on 05 March 2016

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