Call of Duty: Ghosts screenshot
Call of Duty: Ghosts screenshot

The imminent arrival of the PS4 and Xbox One is causing consumers to wait before pre-ordering Call of Duty: Ghosts, Activision has said.

Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing explained that this is why pre-orders for Ghosts are currently "well below the record-setting pace set by Call of Duty: Black Ops II last year".

He added: "Our quantitative consumer research indicates that hesitation amongst past club pre-orders is primarily due to not knowing which platform they will be playing on, which is natural at this time in the console transition."

All isn't lost for Ghosts, however, with Hirshberg adding that "pre-orders are over double those of Call of Duty: Black Ops, which is the last time we launched a new sub-brand for the franchise".

"We also have in place the most aggressive marketing retail and digital programs in the history of the franchise," he explained. "We've made substantial investments to make Ghosts a showcase for the next-gen consoles and also the best current-gen Call of Duty title ever."

Call of Duty: Ghosts will be released November 5 for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii U, with PS4 and Xbox One versions also set to arrive alongside the new console launches.

Source: Activision Q2 Earnings Call via Seeking Alpha

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User Comments

Dante_x_Yamato's Avatar

Dante_x_Yamato@ Chucksince1988

I'm not sure they will sell that many copies. Its a new console, thus people want something new. COD is a very generic FPS and I don't know anyone who wants to spend hundreds on a new gaming system just to get the same generic game that they had last gen.
Posted 05:44 on 05 August 2013
Dante_x_Yamato's Avatar

Dante_x_Yamato@ Karlius

Console pre-orders have been through the roof, Activision is wrong. My guess is that people are buying a console for a new experience and don't want to get the same generic game on a console they just spent hundreds on. No one can blame them for wanting something new.
Posted 05:41 on 05 August 2013
Dante_x_Yamato's Avatar


Although I do like playing COD from time to time, I'm not getting it cos they haven't done anything different. Activision think that people are going to pay hundreds of dollars/pounds/euros on a console just to buy the same generic game again. No, I'm buying the PS4 for a new experience. The current-gen has grown stagnant, and unless Activision grow some balls and stop hiding in a corner clutching the same old deceased formula with a death grip, they will lose there followers. COD is a fun game, but it definitely doesnt deserve a audience anywhere near its current size. Hopefully their unwillingness to change will finally deflate there overinflated audience size so that they get the audience they actually deserve.
Posted 05:39 on 05 August 2013
Jking989's Avatar


Alot of people could just be buying it digitally that's what I'm doing with my games
Posted 14:05 on 04 August 2013
Jasonjas93's Avatar

Jasonjas93@ Chucksince1988

Mw3 was the worst I got bored with that and sold it in less than a month of buying it
Posted 02:27 on 04 August 2013


I think this series has peaked. They need to simplify a little, too much garbage in the games at this point. Their matchmaking needs some serious help as well. Hopefully with this next generation someone will come up with a online fps that will be mind blowing. Seems a bit stagnant right now.
Posted 02:24 on 04 August 2013
CannabisDevil's Avatar


I didn't preorder ghost because it didn't impress me. I knew from the beginning I wanted a PS4 and preordered it ASAP. That had nothing to do with it. I got the Killzone: Shadow Fall bundle coming at launch. Even thou I'm not crazy about Killzone it seemed like the best launch FPS for the PS4. Until Destiny hits...
Posted 01:59 on 04 August 2013
DeadlySinz86's Avatar


You can sprinkle gold glitter on a turd, at the end of the day, it'll still be a turd. BF4 was leveling skyscrapers, CoD: Ghosts has a dog named Riley & fish that react to you ... you do the math.
Posted 00:48 on 04 August 2013
proudy2013's Avatar


Now I buy cod........... finish the main game in a day............ then the game goes on the shelf, bf3........... finish the main game in a day then play multiplayer............... for hours and hours and hours and hours WITHOUT getting bored once because its DIFFRENT every time
Posted 23:33 on 03 August 2013
proudy2013's Avatar


Cod sucks........ full stop. I will not be paying £60 for cod ghosts when I can buy it ALOT cheaper next year second hand. Cod is so boring, multiplayer is the same every time, battlefield will win the next gen of fps IF cod don't step up and make BETTER online gameplay
Posted 23:31 on 03 August 2013
Chucksince1988's Avatar


Activision .... stop telling yourself lies. Call of duty has gotten worse and worse every game ... it get boring in a matter of a month or less. It use to be such a great game. Console pre orders are through the roof and there is tons of games releasing on launch day .... therefore people cant afford to put down another pre order or they are waiting to see if its going to be good because people are loosing faith.... me ... see .... im not stupid ... reguardless of pre orders you will sell just as many copies as you usually do in the long run .... your next game after cod: ghost will hang in the balance more than it ever has in the past based on how good this first ghost does ..your running out of time to just have huge sales by slapping cod on the front ... your going to have to keep it fresh ... if you do ... there will be no problems ... dont cod will be doomed in the future ... to many good games out there to deal with it. I think you guys want have any problem figuring this out and doing it right.... battlefield continues to bring it ... hopefully you guys will to. Sorry for any gramatical errors or bad wording I think you guys get the gest of it. Its hard texting on a non smart phone ... I broke my s4 yesterday.
Posted 16:18 on 02 August 2013
CmdrVOODOO's Avatar


I know I haven't pre-ordered the last 2 CODs because they're just not what they used to be. If they really think gamer's indecisiveness is the reason we haven't pre-ordered Ghosts, they're in for a big surprise.
Posted 15:32 on 02 August 2013
stealthfire's Avatar


more multiplayer options coming our way as cod is full of campers , hackers , and under age players , and always the same ..
Posted 15:02 on 02 August 2013
Karlius's Avatar


Either that or the arse has fallen off the back end of the Call of Duty Franchise and nobody cares anymore. (Wishful thinking I guess)
Posted 10:18 on 02 August 2013

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