Battlefield 4 screenshot
Battlefield 4 screenshot

AMD and DICE have formed a relationship to optimise the performance of Battlefield 4 when played on AMD's Radeon hardware.

"DICE has a partnership with AMD specifically for Battlefield 4 on PC to showcase and optimise the game for AMD hardware," an EA spokesperson told IGN. "This does not exclude DICE from working with other partners to ensure players have a great experience across a wide set of PCs for all their titles."

AMD believes the partnership makes perfect sense given the PS4 and Xbox One are built on AMD tech.

"It makes sense that game developers would focus on AMD hardware with AMD hardware being the backbone of the next console generation. At this time, though, our relationship with DICE and EA is exclusively focused on Battlefield 4 and its performance optimisations for AMD CPUs, GPUs and APUs," AMD said. "Additionally, the AMD Gaming Evolved program undertakes no efforts to prevent our competition from optimising for games before their release."

Battlefield 4 will be released November 1 for current generation systems, with PS4 and Xbox One versions expected at their respective launches. Analysis

Given the PS4 and Xbox One share similar hardware from AMD it will be interesting to see if the component maker can turn this into a selling point for PC hardware.

Source: IGN

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blt54321's Avatar


sometimes i feel like the only pc gamer that uses amd lol
Posted 08:29 on 21 June 2013


Well, on the plus side, it was still Nvidia cards running some of the XBO games at E3, so Microsoft seem to have confidence in the different hardware.

Time will tell though.

It might actually have a bigger impact on the CPU side, as both consoles are also using AMD Octo-core CPUs which have taken a different approach from Intel.
Posted 13:16 on 19 June 2013
rico_rico's Avatar


hope it doesn't effect NVidia card cause we all remember sleeping dogs and how terrible it performance on gtx cards
Posted 11:56 on 19 June 2013


As an Nvidia boy through and through (terrible experience with ATI drivers years ago swore me off them for good), will the fact that next-gen consoles are based on AMD hardware, negatively effect my PC experience? Surely its just a bit of tweaking required from Nvidia and all will be comparable?
Posted 09:55 on 19 June 2013

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