Battlefield 4 screenshot
Battlefield 4 screenshot

DICE is to reward Battlefield 4 players with free Battlepacks and weapon unlocks throughout February.

The initiative, which DICE calls the 'Player Appreciation Month' will see players gifted with a free Battlepack every day that they play Battlefield 4 between February 1 and March 6. Bronze Battlepacks will be offered to players who complete a match on a weekday, and Silver Battlepacks offered up at the weekends.

In addition, DICE will be providing two free weapon Shortcut Bundles to all players, unlocking all grenade types and pistols available in the game, and a further two - DMRs and Shotguns - to Premium members.

The developer claims that it would usually take around 30 hours to unlock the content during normal gameplay.

And finally, a Double XP weekend will be offered to all players at some point during February, although a date has yet to be announced.

"We appreciate all of the great feedback you continue to provide about all aspects of Battlefield 4," said DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson. "We take this very seriously, and hearing directly from you has helped to make the experience better."


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EA don't listen to the A-Hole above. A ton of us have lives and jobs and can't play all day like this jerk. Thanks you for the player appreciation packages. He probably can't buy the premium because hes broke and had to use the last of his money to pay for the new airbed in his parents basement. Thanks!!!
Posted 09:32 on 30 January 2014


You're killing your own game, EA! Stop trying to make up for all the bugs by killing longevity.

The last time you did double XP I fully unlocked all classes and stopped playing. If you hadn't of done the double XP then I'd still be playing and would have bought premium!
Posted 09:26 on 29 January 2014

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