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batman arkham knight11 -

Batman: Arkham Knight is not in development for Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, Rocksteady has confirmed, telling Game Informer that going next-gen only allowed it to be "more ambitious with the design and make a real, genuine next-gen game".

"It's not a challenge to move to next-gen," explained game director Sefton Hill. "The real challenge is making sure you’re getting the best out of the machines. It’s easy to get the game running, but it's about, ‘What can we do that really pushes those machines?’ Obviously you see a lot of games that are cross-gen, and they feel a bit reined in because of that. Because we were able to make that decision quite early, we were able to be more ambitious with the design and make a real, genuine next-gen game."

Despite the game being exclusive to PS4, Xbox One and PC, though, Arkham Knight doesn't appear to be making use of Epic's next-gen engine Unreal Engine 4.

Instead, it's being built on a "juiced-up version of Rocksteady's custom modified Unreal engine", suggesting that the game may be sticking with the earlier games’ Unreal Engine 3.

Nevertheless, the game still appears to be pushing the power of next-gen consoles, with a single character used within the game’s cinematics rendered with a similar polygon count to that of Arkham Asylum’s entire environment.

The Batmobile itself uses 160MB of memory, too, thanks to its "very expensive shaders and textures" and the "hundreds of thousands of polygons" used to build it. The world of Gotham City is said to be five times larger than that of Arkham City, too.

"Our lead engine coder was saying the other day that, when you switch to next-gen only, rather than saying 'no' to our artists and designers a lot he can now just say 'yes'," studio director Jamie Walker added. "That's what the horsepower of next-gen enables us to do."

Batman: Arkham Knight launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC later this year.

Source: Game Informer | April 2014

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User Comments

happyboy's Avatar


then why i have it on ps3 ??
Posted 08:54 on 27 July 2015
dav2612's Avatar

dav2612@ pblive

But it's coming out on the 128K, right?
Posted 10:30 on 18 June 2015


People complaining that developers didn't compromise on their game just to please fans of old consoles. Might as well complain that it wasn't being made for the Spectrum 48k as well...
Posted 09:05 on 18 June 2015
david8003's Avatar


really, my hopes for batman are gone forever. i wish they ALSO made it for xbox 360 and ps3, so Rocksteady i really hope your HAPPY you didn't put it on xbox 360 and ps3. so SCREW YOU :( (heart broken)
Posted 01:36 on 18 June 2015
emmyy's Avatar


noooooooooooo no no i can't bileve that the game is not coming for the Xbox 360 i just got my console and i have been trough hell to get it do you know how much it cost in my country the Xbox one about 1200 L.D in dollar about 888 U.S.D i just can't aford a new one guss no more batman for me
Posted 22:13 on 04 February 2015
hiiifishy's Avatar


I have been playing the Arkham series ever since asylum came out. I am a huge fan or the game or should i say was until i found out the only game I look forward to is not coming out for the Xbox 360 or PS3. I dont want to go out and Spend $350 on a new console and then an extra $60 on a game + all the other crap you need for xbox's. I am very disapointed and i don't like how everyone else is telling the real fans to go out spend the damn $400 on a new console and game. The people over at rock steady should know we dont care if the graphics are 720p rather than 1080i IT'S STILL FRYKEN HD WE DONT NEED TO SPEND THE MONEY JUST TO GET A BETTER LEVEL OF QUALITY BY BARELY ANYTHING. release the damn game for us on our 720p consoles its still hd we just want to play a good game beat it and be done with. And in all honesty the next gen consoles are worse than the old ones so why would we want to buy that S*** any way. If you release the game on the older gen you will probably gross more than you will with only next gen.
Thank's, From person who hates rocksteady and all the employees now so go f*** your selves. :D have a great day.
Posted 08:49 on 02 February 2015
EverTheOptimist's Avatar

EverTheOptimist@ steveperry_1981

I can understand why you're annoyed but this kind of thing was always going to happen. We've had new consoles for a year, it's nice that they will have the full attention paid to them.

I enjoyed Asylum but only played a bit of City, but I'll be following this with a keen eye.
Posted 14:42 on 06 October 2014
steveperry_1981's Avatar


Im not ok with this game not being available for the xbox 360!! My son has all the other batman games and wants to add this one to his collection. I cant afford to run out and buy an xbox one just for that game.....not to mention the fact that his other batman games probably wont work on the xbox one!! How is that fair????
Posted 00:16 on 05 October 2014
Bremaine's Avatar


I'm fine with this being released for new gen consoles. Everyone who is complaining has to realize that the Xbox 360 and PS3 have been around for over 5 years, the xbox 360 near 8 years and the PS3 near 7 I believe. That's longer than what is expected. It's time to adapt to the new generation or just wait until prices lower.
Posted 03:07 on 25 July 2014
Manilacheese39's Avatar


Common rocksteady make it for the 360 if u want it to be a big hit

Ps my user name is my 360 gamer tag and I love minecraft
Posted 00:42 on 22 July 2014
Manilacheese39's Avatar


Common rocksteady make it for the 360
Posted 00:39 on 22 July 2014
Batman_Rocks85's Avatar

Batman_Rocks85@ Realist

Posted 05:55 on 12 July 2014
Batman_Rocks85's Avatar


You guys made me so pissed I i started yelling....the is BULL **** I wanted to play a game for fun but KNOW To just PLAY the game I am suppose to go to the store And spend $400 on a system JUST TO PLAY IT......**** NO......I just wanted to complete the series....but no YOU GUYS RUINED IT FOR ME.......****.....please....make it for xbox 360.....I used to depend on you guys to give me an awesome game to play...but now i cant....thanks alot....
Posted 05:53 on 12 July 2014
drewell23's Avatar


I am not a fan of arkham anymore!!!
Posted 05:01 on 19 June 2014
drewell23's Avatar


What the ***** happened to 360? Rocksteady *****ed up real good!!! This is bull*****!!! I was a huge fan of rock steady , but now I'm super pissed
Posted 04:59 on 19 June 2014

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