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Yoostar 2: In the Movies screenshot
Yoostar 2: In the Movies screenshot

In my final year of secondary school, a few like-minded chums and I thought it would be funny to audition for the Christmas production. It was Victor Hugo's Les Miserables that year, and I found myself assuming the role of not one, but four different characters, which really put to the test my versatility as a young actor. I received rave reviews for my portrayal of the fiery Foreman (my mate Sam said I was amazing). As Courfeyrac, a student of the revolution, I had surprised myself by reaching the vocal heights of several solos. My horny sailor was particularly entertaining for the ladies in the audience (I was the subject of much female attention at school afterwards). And my Mum really liked that one scene I did near the end as a waiter. Other than this admittedly diverse catalogue of work, however, I've had very little acting experience.

Having said that, there was also that one time I put on my best Austrian accent and pretended to be the Terminator in front of the CEO of the YooStar Entertainment Group. You might remember it, actually.

So, this preview details my second experience with YooStar2 – the movie karaoke game that started life as a website. This time around I had the luxury of the full roster of clips launching with the game. My attentions were immediately drawn to Zoolander - a film I've seen so many times that I've now lost count. While I was hoping to re-enact the classic verbal sparring match between Derek and Hansel before the walk off (hopefully this will be added in DLC at some point soon), I was more than happy to perform the bit where Derek wakes up after his brainwashing at the day spa.

...and action!

Matilda: I've been trying to reach you for a week.
Derek Zoolander: A week? What, are you having a whack attack? I saw you this afternoon, dum-dum.
Matilda: That was last Friday.
Derek Zoolander: Uhh Earth to Matilda, I was at a day spa. Day, D-A-I-Y-E. Okay?

The script keeps rolling along the top of the screen; turns out I chose one of the longest (and hardest) scenes in the collection. I would have liked to transcribe more of it, to be honest - it's all comedy gold, after all - but there'd be little space left here to convey my thoughts on Yoostar2 itself. The scene plays out under this seemingly endless script, only with Ben Stiller cut out and replaced with my good self. It still looks weird when you play it back, though, because although I was supposed to be chatting with the lovely Matilda (Christine Taylor), I found myself staring off into space, reading an imaginary script in the sky. Unless you know your lines off by heart (or don a pair of sunglasses) the scenes can look really quite peculiar when you watch them back.

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Their was a preview of sorts of this in the Mirror today.
Posted 12:36 on 19 January 2011

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