Yakuza 3 screenshot
Yakuza 3 screenshot

Andriasang reports that SEGA has revealed Yakuza 5, the next title in the hit video game series.

The game was announced during a Yakuza 4 press conference in Tokyo. Although not officially titled - SEGA referred to it as Project K - it was confirmed that series director Toshihiro Nagoshi is once again in charge.

A video at the conference featured the series' traditional Kamurocho neon entrance sign and a young man, assumed to be the game's main character, walking around the city in the rain. The video ends with the text "A new challenge for Yakuza starts".

There was no indication of release date or platforms, but PS3 is the most likely candidate.

Yakuza 3 was released last week in the UK and debuted at No.24 in the chart.

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thegreatODEN's Avatar

thegreatODEN@ tsep23

hey,freak just because you obviously are inlove with this game doesn't mean everyone like's it.It's a cheesy beat-em up open world japanese arcade game,no thanks i'll save my money
Posted 21:25 on 16 March 2010


I played the demo, I love GTA but I dont get Yakuza, I think I just have a problem with a lot of Japanese games
Posted 20:46 on 16 March 2010
tsep23's Avatar



Have you even played Yakuza 3? Not only has every review site I've read given the game high marks but I personally own the game and think it's AWESOME! If you like GTA4 and Tekken then this is the series for you. I rarely spend $60 on a game. This game is definitely worth $60. I beat the game in 20 hours and only had 11% of the game finished.
Posted 19:25 on 16 March 2010
thegreatODEN's Avatar


lets hope it'll be better than yakuza 3
Posted 17:25 on 16 March 2010

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