2K Games has announced a substantial expansion to XCOM Enemy Unknown, titled Enemy Within. We thought about writing a preview listing all the new features, but XCOM super-fan Matt (@Jam_sponge) wanted to make a video instead, and, well, you don't argue with a man who possesses that hair.

XCOM: Enemy Within takes the experience from XCOM: Enemy Unknown and adds an array of new abilities, upgrades, and weapons to combat new enemy threats. The expansion also provides players with all-new maps, tactical and strategic gameplay, and multiplayer content. Fans will experience an additional three to four playthroughs on average before encountering all of the new material included in XCOM: Enemy Within.

On PC and Mac, XCOM: Enemy Within features additional content that can be enjoyed with previously purchased copies of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

XCOM: Enemy Within will also be available on Xbox 360 and PS3 as the XCOM: Enemy Within – Commander Edition - a standalone pack that expands the XCOM: Enemy Unknown experience featuring the new XCOM: Enemy Within content and the add-on content that was previously released for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, including the Elite Soldier Pack and Slingshot Content Pack.

XCOM Enemy Within will be released November 15 for PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3.

For more video entertainment from Matt and the rest of the VideoGamer.com team (including child-faced blame-bringer Chris Bratt), head over to our YouTube channel.

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I may be missing something here... but could you please clarify whether hose of us who own the base game will be able to acquire this content separately, or does it require an upgrade by a whole new disc release? I certainly hope it is the former... But the wording of the press release, and lack of pricepoint, does not bode well...

Also, that the frog-like alien that the chaps revealed to Neon might just make a re-appearance...
Posted 09:39 on 21 August 2013

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