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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 will empower players more than ever to define their gameplay experiences in a dynamic and ever-changing WWE.

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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 screenshot
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 screenshot

Smackdown vs Raw has been given an easy ride for far too long now. Yes, the 2011 edition will be adored by hardcore WWE fans who love the fact it's got tens of match types, ring variations, customisable rules and all the big events, as well as a large roster of the most popular WWE Superstars, but the fact remains that very little is changing year-on-year. While developer Yuke's has shown itself to be technically excellent at the brawling genre with UFC, Smackdown vs Raw 2011 is clumsy, incredibly rough around the edges, and at times outright ugly.

So what will WWE fans get out of it? Well, the core modes are WWE Universe, Road to WrestleMania and Create a Superstar. Universe is the glue which holds the game's many elements together - though Road to WrestleMania plays out independently. Decide you want to fight Edge in a friendly exhibition match, and the game will schedule that into the Universe, adjusting rankings and the like after the result. There are 100 or so cutscenes that will play out at random times too, giving the sense that you're part of a developing story. Rivals, built up over the course of a series of fights, might batter you before a scheduled match, putting you at a serious disadvantage.

The Universe is the kind of new idea that the series was desperately in need of, abut there's very little innovation elsewhere. Road to WrestleMania, which lets you choose from a handful of Superstars and guide them through a storyline to the illustrious big event, shows just what the series is lacking, both inside at out the ring. Between matches you're free to wander about backstage, a lifeless area so devoid of character that it feels half-finished.

Create a Wrestler, then, has a lot hanging on its potentially beefy shoulders. Thankfully it's easily the best part of the package, equipped with all the tools needed to form your dreamt-up avatars. Even me, a man who has zero artistic ability, managed to create a recognisable version of Doctor Manhattan, complete with the hydrogen atom on his head. If you have more talent you can customise basically every aspect of a character, right down to their moves and the pants they wear.

In the ring the Smackdown vs Raw series has always been something of an acquired taste, neither falling into the sim nor arcade fighting brackets, and 2011 isn't any different really. Some changes have been made to the grappling system, although only long-time fans will notice as it's still handled with the right analogue stick, but dependent on the direction you push and the position of your brawler in relation to the opponent. Building momentum by successfully landing attacks will allow you to perform signature moves, although if your timing is good you can counter just about everything.

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Wido's Avatar


Overall. It was what I expected with SvR 11. Regardless on the ending verdict, I'm still going to get this. I would like to get the Hitman Edition, as I'm a big fan of Bret Hart, and having him playable in the game will go down well.
Posted 19:16 on 28 October 2010
dudester's Avatar


Decent review Tom I think I missed the score debacle tho,
Posted 18:18 on 28 October 2010
rico_rico's Avatar


don't surprise if the graphics look the same every year cause it still running on the same *****y code as the ps2 era
Posted 17:22 on 28 October 2010
GeNeCyDe1993's Avatar


No worries, im sure im the only person on the forums to have seen it...please dont kill me to cover the evidence.
Posted 15:07 on 28 October 2010
squidman's Avatar


TEN OUT OF TEN? I'm going to pre-order this game immediately, though the score reads more like a 6.
Posted 15:06 on 28 October 2010
mydeaddog's Avatar


Uh, yeah... that was a mistake. Oops.
Posted 15:05 on 28 October 2010
GeNeCyDe1993's Avatar


10?? :|
Posted 15:02 on 28 October 2010

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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011
Out of 10
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011
  • Create A Fighter is extensive
  • Universe is an innovative addition
  • Badly needs new ideas
  • Ugly and lacking in fluidity
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