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WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 screenshot
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 screenshot

A post on the German THQ forum made by a THQ forum moderator indicated that the PlayStation 3 version of WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 had been cancelled. It was also noted by several keen forum posters that the PS3 version of the game had gone missing from THQ.com.

Speaking to Pro-G this morning a THQ rep gave the following statement:

"The next instalment in our perennial SmackDown franchise is slated for release across multiple game systems this holiday. The highly anticipated WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 is scheduled to ship for Xbox 360, PSP and PlayStation 2 in November. Consistent with our goal of delivering the highest quality content across all next-gen platforms, we have decided to postpone the debut of the SmackDown series on PlayStation 3 until the holiday 2007 timeframe."

That seems pretty clear cut that the PlayStation 3 version of WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007 has indeed been cancelled, leaving the franchise to make its next-gen debut on the Xbox 360. PlayStation 3 owners will need to wait until holiday 2007 to get their WWE fix.

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Brownie's Avatar


yeah and i recccomend you buy it on 360 :)
Posted 17:07 on 17 November 2006
kierdonk's Avatar
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kierdonk@ jack

i have the ps2 version and it a...great awesome game!!!.all the storylinds in season are fantastic!!.i will reccomend you buy it then buy ps3 next yr
Posted 19:41 on 13 November 2006
Brownie's Avatar


I think the ps3 fans already no m8 and theres no need 2 rub it in their faces.
Posted 19:50 on 19 October 2006
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ jack

Ha Ha Ha - Raw Vs Smackdown 2007 has been cancelled for the PS3 for all the doubters check out the prrof
http://thq.com/games/gameinfo.php?id=1233&upc=55004 as you can see no PS3. Its rumoured they don't see it feasable and there will be no WWE title until christmas 2007 by which time 360 will be on generation 3 of its games and microsofts new console will be 12 months away! Playstation have messed up they have segregated themselves from the market! Bravo THQ i want the Playstation 3 to die! I believe my view is backed up on this site! Just do a search you'll find it! I think its time you Non 360 Believers turned away from the dark side that was the monopoly of sony and come play on a real console! Anyone else thinks PS3 is dying in its mothers womb? Just so you know the PS3 used to feature on this site it has even gone from the offical game sight too! LOL
Posted 16:15 on 19 October 2006
Brownie's Avatar


man weve looked on the roster and he aint in there. its not gonna happen the game is out in a month. im gutted 2 m8. you ever no they might suprise us but its like 10000000 2 1 chance.
Posted 11:20 on 14 October 2006
Jesse's Avatar
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Jesse@ tobi

Hello I have a question for the people who are making Smackdown vs Raw 2007 for PS3. Will Jeff Hardy be on the game?? I would like for him to be on the game since I noticed for the xbox 360, PS2, PSP don't have him on the roster. Which I kinda think thats kinda odd. I mean whats Matt Hardy without his Brother Jeff Hardy in the game. I hope you can actually put in in the game for me. I'd really apreciate it. Cause my cousin and I are anxious on seeing if he is going to be on the game and yeah.


Posted 03:37 on 13 October 2006
Brownie's Avatar


wot u mean 4 his entrance.? btw can any 1 tell e wot date the games out plz. btw the demo has came out 4 it on xbox live :)
Posted 16:41 on 29 September 2006
matt's Avatar
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matt@ tobi

does batista have his fire works?
Posted 01:36 on 28 September 2006
hazza's Avatar
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hazza@ tobi

ive heard alot of stuff about it like money in the banks on it and that just makes a better wait
Posted 11:58 on 16 September 2006
Brownie's Avatar


well some 1 did i must have got the wrong convo and yes they did judge ps2 so thats y i expressed my opinion
Posted 21:35 on 06 September 2006
TomO's Avatar


Who are you talking about Brownie? I can't see anyone judging the PS2. If somone wants to buy the game for a system other than the PS2, that's up to them.
Posted 16:12 on 06 September 2006
Brownie's Avatar


u probably one of those x box geeks who have never played on ps2 and just judge other consoles cos u aint got a life.
Posted 15:27 on 06 September 2006
Brownie's Avatar


ecw is rubbish wwe is unbeatable. ecw is nothing but wannabees but are real idiots.
Posted 21:54 on 05 September 2006
jing's Avatar
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jing@ jack

i hope it they put the hardy boys back in the game and some people from ecw cause im geting it for the xbox 360.
Posted 03:59 on 05 September 2006
jack's Avatar
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jack@ tobi

hope they put ecw superstars on
th game cos it'll be so cool
Posted 15:21 on 31 August 2006

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