WWE '13: Launch Trailer

Launch Trailer

Publish date Oct 29 2012

WWE '13: Mike Tyson Extended Interview

Mike Tyson chats WWE, Call Of Duty and Mike Tyson's PunchOut.

Publish date Oct 24 2012

WWE '13: Jim Ross interviews Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk

The WWE superstars talk ahead of their upcoming match, with commentator Jim Ross keeping the peace.

Publish date Oct 16 2012

WWE '13: WWE Universe Mode Trailer

Players now have the freedom to create their own shows while scheduling which day they appear on, from Monday through Saturday.

Publish date Oct 9 2012

WWE '13: Fan Axxess DLC Trailer

Fans can look forward to an extensive variety of playable WWE Superstars, Divas, Attitude Era luminaries and more.

Publish date Oct 4 2012

WWE '13: TV Spot

The ad for WWE 13 that you'll soon see airing on TV.

Publish date Oct 2 2012

WWE '13: Degeneration-X Trailer

They ignored the rules, battled authority, spoke their minds, and moved the masses. See how it all began.

Publish date Sep 25 2012

WWE '13: The Rock's Attitude Era Mode

Check out the Attitude Era Mode featuring The Rock.

Publish date Sep 17 2012

WWE '13: Mike Tyson Interview

Take a look at this trailer featuring Mike Tyson.

Publish date Sep 4 2012

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