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Fantasy RPG in which the player takes control of a boy who comes into the possession of an ancient artefact.

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From Level 5, White Knight Chronicles can only be considered a disappointment.
From Level 5, White Knight Chronicles can only be considered a disappointment.

From Level 5, White Knight Chronicles can only be considered a disappointment.

Everybody has expectations when it comes to video games. Just as when Valve or Bungie release a new FPS, expectations are equally high when role-playing veteran Level 5 releases a new RPG. The pedigree of the developer suggested that White Knight Chronicles would be nothing short of a masterpiece, with previous gems Dark Chronicle, Rogue Galaxy and Professor Layton sitting proudly on its résumé. But, as the industry has proved countless times before, expectation often comes hand-in-hand with disappointment.

Before the obligatory drawn-out intro, the start of the game presents players with the opportunity to create an avatar. The customisation is in-depth, with options to change everything from hair colour to cheek bone structure. Perhaps the most interesting device in the game, this avatar serves to marry the single-player with the multiplayer, and is not the main character in the game as you might expect. While in single-player this speechless avatar won't affect the outcome of the story in any way, he (or she) manages to bridge the multiplayer to the narrative without ruining continuity.

The aforementioned obligatory drawn-out intro (which all RPGs must have) introduces the bustling city of Balandor, where celebrations are under way to mark the 18th birthday of Princess Cisna. A celebration isn't a celebration without alcohol, and thankfully our plucky protagonist Leonard is on the case. An employee of the Winery supplying the event, Leonard is sent on an introductory quest to collect a wine shipment from a nearby village. This gives players a quick chance to get used to the basics of combat before things get serious.

Unsurprisingly, upon returning to Balandor, things have indeed gotten serious, and Leonard discovers that an evil group known as the Magi have attacked the city. Chancing his way into the castle, Leonard finds the Princess in a spot of bother, and does what any budding hero would do, and lends a hand. Escorting her to the bottom of the castle, Leonard discovers an ancient suit of armour known as the Incorruptus. With the Magi hot on their heels and life and death in the balance, Leonard manages to form a pact with the titular White Knight, and with his new powers, forces the attackers out of town. As they flee, however, they manage to capture the ill-fated Princess, which sets the scene for the 30 hour-odd rescue adventure that ensues.

Visually it's decent, but nothing special.

Visually it's decent, but nothing special.

Although it can just about carry the weight of the gameplay, the narrative is incredibly weak. The characters are as shallow as they are generic, and the actual plot is nothing more than a mindless mash-up of every other RPG that's ever been released. There's just no motivation to find out what's going to happen next, giving the game a vacant, meaningless quality to it.

Graphically the game is disappointing too, if only because of how fantastic the game looked back in the trailer that accompanied the announcement of the game. The environments are pleasant enough, if a little repetitive, but the character models are uninspired and generally the game lacks the polish of a title that's been in development for such a long period of time. Whinging about graphics isn't something I like to make a habit of, but again I'll reiterate the importance of expectations – White Knight Chronicles promised a whole lot more.

Structurally, the game is straight out the RPG handbook; your growing team of adventurers wander from town to town, traipsing through monster infested dungeons with cutscenes interrupting the action every now and again to advance the plot - fairly standard stuff. The game attempts to innovate in other areas, though, most notably in its adoption of mechanics more commonly associated with the MMO genre.

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User Comments

SexyJams's Avatar


Awesome review Jamin!
I know I'm going to enjoy your style mate :D
Also, I saw this game got a fairly average review in games tm magazine as well, so probably won't be worth a buy from me.
Cheers man!
Posted 16:44 on 01 March 2010
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar


The game is awesome and yes very cliche indeed.
Posted 16:21 on 01 March 2010
GeNeCyDe1993's Avatar


Keep it up Jamin ;)
Posted 16:20 on 01 March 2010
Wido's Avatar


Good review Jamin. Regardless of the review score (which I don't really take that much interest in) I will still get this game. I do like JRPG's even though I do not play a great big deal of them. I do like to play them. I do believe it would of had some pressure with the likes of Final Fantasy 13 which is looking superb by the way, coming out in a week time.

30hr singleplayer experience is enough for me to say that its money for value. Online, playing with friends is going to be a winner. Going off to complete quests together and gaining good loot gets an medal.

Will be picking this up on Wednesday. Hopefully by then Sony would of sorted the issue with the older PS3 model.
Posted 15:59 on 01 March 2010
altaranga's Avatar


I cannot recall the last time I saw a score of 6. I am liking this Jamin dude.
Posted 15:54 on 01 March 2010
Jamin's Avatar


Thanks for the comment!

My issues with the graphics are mainly concerned with the uninspired and insipid character models, and environments that - although pleasant - tend to merge into a repetitive blur. On reflection, I still find that a 6 is a fair score for graphics.
Posted 15:44 on 01 March 2010
calvinlo's Avatar


I don't quite understand why a mediocre score was given to "Graphics"... The visuals are not as stunning as MGS4, but they're much better than most RPGs' in the market.

I agree the story is a cliche, but please don't overlook the biggest selling point of this game is its MMO system, which is a blessing for most JRPG lovers. As far as I know, most people who have bought the Japanese version a year ago are still playing this game day in and day out.

Anyhow, a nice and reasonable review, comparing to other major game review sites.
Posted 15:32 on 01 March 2010
FantasyMeister's Avatar


If I owned a PS3 I'd still pick this game up for it, big Level-5 fan that I am. Anyone who plays online RPGs will probably be familiar with this:

YouTube Video
Posted 15:15 on 01 March 2010

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White Knight Chronicles
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White Knight Chronicles
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