Warhawk screenshot
Warhawk screenshot

Warhawk gained a loyal fan base on PSN, and talk of a follow-up has been in the air for some time. So much so that Starhawk, trademarked by Sony in 2009, was one of the titles rumoured to be revealed during Sony's E3 press conference last month.

That didn't happen, but it doesn't mean it's not coming.

Speaking to Joystiq at E3, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, had this to say on the subject.

"The team [Lightbox] has been working on something new for a while and I wouldn't be surprised if soon we are able to talk about it," said Yoshida. "But not at this time."

Lightbox is the studio formed by Dylan Jobe, director of Warhawk, who left Incognito to pursue the new venture.

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strickers66's Avatar


It is still my most played game this gen and I played it less than many of my casual friends.I hit 106 hours approx but I had friends hit 120 or more.The rumours I've heard on this game include the graphics being a big leap(not hard I know)and my favourite is that it will be 50 player (at least)or the large matches.
For me,as a tank driver the balance was destroyed with the over powered machine guns(they upped the power)and the impossible to defend against(in a tank)jet packs.
Posted 19:42 on 02 July 2010
dudester's Avatar


Now this is what I'm waiting for warhawk is thee best multiplayer experience this gen. Yes the graphics were ropey and learning curve steep. But theres no better balanced experience out there imo.
Posted 12:40 on 02 July 2010
cousinwalter's Avatar


Hope it is set in space that would be awesome
Posted 11:09 on 02 July 2010

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