With Virtua Fighter 5 due out for PlayStation 3 in March alongside the console, SEGA is releasing a series of development diaries from AM2 to give fans an insight into the game's development. The third instalment can be read below.

Virtua Fighter 5 Developer's Column #3

Hi again! This is Murayama from the development team of Virtua Fighter 5 for PS3.

For this installment we're going to talk about a mode called VF.TV. Put simply, players do not play VF.TV mode - they watch it. Fans can watch saved content ripped from bouts and other matches through a variety of options.

Virtua Fighter 5 screenshot

What I especially want to recommend is Exhibition Match. It contains a number of gameplay options ranging from the most basic one-on-one encounter to brawls with specific parameters. Moreover, the number of possible matches is enormous thanks to the array of fighters and accessories available - something any fan will greatly appreciate. The Exhibition Match really speaks to the depth of the customization feature

Watching battles between experts is an especially handy addition. Anyone wanting to gain the upper hand over their opponents can watch as experts use techniques new to VF 5 (both offensive and defensive) to gain a better understanding of the combat system. It's highly recommended for newcomers and veterans alike.

You can switch the "Button Entry display" on or off from the Pause menu during replay. This feature displays what button entries the player made during a given fight. You can see how experts perform everything from basic offence and defence manoeuvres to advanced techniques. Though there are some obviously useless entries among them, it lets one know players are fighting seriously.

Virtua Fighter 5 screenshot

Four types of movies are included in "Movie Theatre." That said, two of them are not "movies" but demos rendered in real time. These demos were actually adopted in the very first arcade version of VF5. In one particular version, Wolf and El Blaze face off against each other in an arena, and the other features Eileen performing dance. As an added bonus, players can swap costumes to suit their liking during the demo.

Of course, getting this costume trick to work is somewhat hush-hush. Here's a clue - create the data of that character first and customize it as you like in advance -

Regarding the rest, try finding them.

Well then, to be continued next week!

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