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The next generation in online FPS action. UT 2007 is built on the Unreal Engine 3.

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UT3 is good enough to make Xbox 360 gamers jealous
UT3 is good enough to make Xbox 360 gamers jealous

UT3 is good enough to make Xbox 360 gamers jealous

UK PS3 owners have finally got their trigger-fingers on Unreal Tournament 3 just over three months after the game was first released on PC and well over two months after the game was released on the PS3 in the US. The wait has been a long one - some would say too long. But it's here now, and there are big questions that demand to be answered - has it been worth the wait and will UT3 keep PS3-owning FPS fans happy as they wait for Resistance 2 and Killzone 2? The answer is a resounding yes and yes.

The DarkWalker, Warfare and the Stinger. That's why you should buy Unreal Tournament 3, Epic's fourth game in its premier twitch FPS series. It's certainly the best Unreal Tournament game in years, but those expecting a complete revamp will be sorely disappointed. The philosophy, clearly, is on getting back to UT's roots, like a kind of fusion between the original UT and UT 2004. You've still got the Flak Cannon, the Bio Gun and the Shock Rifle, but the Shield gun has been replaced by the Impact Hammer and fan favourite tool of destruction the Stinger mini gun, which sprays light blue crystals at unlucky enemies, triumphantly makes a reappearance.

The number of game types has been reduced and refined. There are now six ways to play UT3 - deathmatch, team deathmatch and duel, as well as capture the flag, vehicle capture the flag and new game mode Warfare, which replaces Onslaught, and instantly rises to the top of my favourite UT3 game mode list. Focusing on capturing nodes, 8-12 player Warfare adds orbs to the mix, which can deal massive damage to enemy nodes as well as repair your own. Unexpected momentum changes are now a grim reality of any Warfare match, and, as a result, are much more fun.

This won't mean much to you if you're new to the series. Quick heads up then - the Unreal Tournament games have been going for near enough a decade now, and have always been hugely popular with FPS fans. They've always been a lot faster than console shooters too, focusing on instinctive eagle-eyed sniping and quick-fingered dodging over the more considered, slower-paced play of, say, the Halo series. Indeed, watching professional Unreal Tournament players show off their mad skills is a bit like watching some crazed gamer cyborg, such is the jaw-dropping nature of what they're doing. But the skill required to compete with most UT players online has perhaps hindered the series' mass market appeal. It has always been somewhat of a hardcore FPS.

'One of UT3's most thrilling moments is carving up unsuspecting on-foot enemies with quick moving vehicles...'

Which is something Epic has clearly thought about with the latest iteration. The hoverboard switches you to a third-person view of your character, who will now be speeding about the battlefield like some bastardised steroid-infused Marty McFly. It's pretty useful for capture the flag matches, as it allows you to move about a lot quicker than on foot. But it can often feel like a blessing in disguise. If you're hit while on the hoverboard you're knocked off and vulnerable for a couple of seconds. Sitting duck time.

Back to the DarkWalker then, one of a series of excellent new vehicles belonging to new evil alien race the Necris. When you're not in it, you're in fear of it. It looms ominously in the distance, sweeping particle lasers at any and all who get in the way. Think the horrifying Tripods from H.G. Wells' science fiction classic The War of the Worlds spliced with a tarantula. But when you're in it, you kind of feel like a god, perched as you are high above everything, slowly bringing about death to anyone foolish enough to get close. It's sweet stuff.

The vehicles on offer really add to the experience

The vehicles on offer really add to the experience

This is where Epic has made the greatest strides - with the vehicles. The Fury, another Necris vehicle, brings to mind those squid things from cult sci-fi film The Matrix. The Scavenger is less unique, but very useful for quickly running over infantry, and the Necris tank the Nemesis feels a bit like using a nuclear bomb to crack a nut. The first thing I did was jump straight into a VCTF match and try out as many of the new vehicles as possible. And the old classics, like the Mantra, are still as blood-splatteringly satisfying as before.

One of UT3's most thrilling moments is carving up unsuspecting on-foot enemies with quick moving vehicles - ROAD RAGE FTW! Another imperious vehicle is the aptly named Leviathan, a slow-moving tank with an absolutely devastating cannon. Firing it means instant death for anyone even remotely close to its area of impact, and the sound effect from the cannon charging and then blasting is something every sci-fi fan needs to hear. Apart from Xbox 360 behemoth Halo 3 I can't think of another online FPS with better mechanical harbingers of doom.

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Damnit,why did they have to remove the superb tournament in campaign with that stupid story thing.we cant even chose our teammates in the capaign.i liked customising my team.
Posted 01:58 on 12 June 2008
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Nasser Peerbac

why can't we join our friends on unreal 3 on ps3 ie death match ,ctf and so on ? help
Posted 13:27 on 06 March 2008
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It´s a very good game! The gameplay with dualshock3 is amazing!!!
Posted 17:36 on 27 February 2008

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