Unreal Tournament 3 screenshot
Unreal Tournament 3 screenshot

PS3 owners can forget about split-screen coming to Unreal Tournament 3, Mark Rein has told VideoGamer.com.

Speaking to VideoGamer.com at the official unveiling of the Xbox 360 version of the game in Las Vegas this week, Rein said that PS3 owners "should be happy" with the inclusion of user generated mod support.

Rein promised that the 360 version will receive user generated mods in some form, probably through DLC and tied in with the $1million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest, despite ongoing negotiations with Microsoft over the feature's inclusion through Xbox LIVE. What is confirmed for the Xbox 360 version of UT3 is two-player split-screen across all game modes except online ranked matches, to prevent cheating.

When asked if split-screen will ever come to the PS3 version of UT3, Rein replied: "I don't think so, because this is what's in this (the Xbox 360 version) game. I think it would be a big job to go back and retrofit that game for split-screen. I just don't think we have the resources to do that unfortunately."

He added: "They've got mods! They've got their thing. They've got easily exchangeable user created mods. Whether this game gets that or not, it won't have it at ship. They've got they're thing and they should be happy. They've got a great thing going."

Rein did, however, reveal that Epic hopes to "make some improvements" with mod support on PS3 "some time down the road", although he didn't want to commit to specifics.

Check out the first footage of the Xbox 360 version of UT3 over on the VideoGamer.com video player.

How do you feel about no split-screen in UT3 PS3 owners? Let us know in the comments section below.

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poorichard's Avatar
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the only game I have with split-screen offline for the PS3 is blast factor. and that gets incredibly boring. UT3 was made for offline multiplayer! taking turns just isn't the same.
Posted 15:57 on 14 September 2008
Fu**** Pissed's Avatar
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Fu**** Pissed

Just implement the damn support for the PS3 version. Not really all that hard. I haven't played this game since I got it and now I finially decided to see if split-screen would eventually be put into the PS3 version and I guess the answer is no. No way in hell am I keeping this game any longer now that I know this.
Posted 05:40 on 29 July 2008
n/a's Avatar
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this is outrages using the ps3 version as a test to improve the 360 version, whats the point of 1 player it gets so boring with some fake story which is just training it lasted me 2-3 days but things with splitscreen i still play regularly like rainbow six 2 n even resistance, what happend to equality.
Posted 12:44 on 23 July 2008
aj's Avatar
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bummer, i was really hoping to get split-screen on ut3. It was my favorite game but I could never get my friends into it because, well, frankly, no-one likes to wait. I think they should still try to work on implementing split-screen, and then release it in a patch or something. Hell, i would even buy it for $10-$15. Oh-well, I guess I have other games to play with my budsters. Also, "they should be happy" is just douchebagery. Mod support isn't even that great, ok thats not true, it is great, but downloading is a bitch because you can only do one at a time and there is no custom models or sounds, thus no new weapons and such. Lastly, "we just don't have the resources" for split-screen is simply a load of bs. C'mon, rein, we aren't retards.
Posted 17:39 on 13 July 2008
Anonymous's Avatar
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WTF way to betray our main consumers! this makes me more pissed than when they decided to release GTA 4 for xbox 360.
Posted 18:20 on 03 July 2008
sam's Avatar
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Ok. pisses me off that they say that we should be happy with what we get.. Thats B.S. we pay for the game also, we play the game, but yet we get screwed out of something that could be definably introduced in a patch. Its complete B.S. Don't lie and say that they done have the resources to do this because it they really wanted to they could pull coop out for ps3. So o Mark Rein. you are full of it when you say that we should just be happy with what you give us.
Posted 05:04 on 28 May 2008
usaryan's Avatar
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I am annoyed that epic can't even be bothered to sort out split screen for PS3, warhawk has it and its great, I think it would work well in UT3, CoD has offline SS and I play it a lot with my mates. Yeah mod content is good but as Mr Epic says the 360 version does not contain this off the shelf hniting that it will through a patch. I rckon they'll sort out mod content for M$ but they won't sort out split screen for PS3. To be honest the game is not amazing the lack of a crouch button is a real problem, maybe they'll sort that out for the 360 as well. Oh well its just another average game anyway nothing special but it would be nice to get the full package.
Posted 04:44 on 22 May 2008
princeofpwnage's Avatar


You know this isn't the first time a "timed" PS3 exclusive has been gimped after a 360 release.

For months, SEGA kept saying that online play for Virtua Fighter 5 was an "impossibility". Tell me why then, does the 360 version have online play? It works great!

Now UT3 has split screen ONLINE and OFFLINE for the 360 and the PS3 never had it included in the first place?

EPIC normally doesn't release anything unless it's ready to. Makes me wonder if SONY put pressure on EPIC to release UT3 at the time as is.

Then there's GTAIV... sure MS shelled out a lot of cash to have the extra content. It's interesting that SONY didn't even try to make the same kind of deal with Rockstar. SONY's got the cash.

Posted 13:49 on 21 April 2008
Brad's Avatar
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Not even mentioning this whole PS3 vs 360 stuff, "They should be happy" is just terrible customer relationship strategy. How does it make sense that people should just take whatever they decide to do and not bring up their shortcomings? No other business gets that treatment... except maybe big oil, and people do complain, they just dont care because people will never stop using their product. Games have been boycotted, and it's not a difficult thing to do :-x
Posted 02:29 on 21 April 2008
Karlius's Avatar


If you have a RROD Microsoft repair/replace within a few weeks no hastle and up to 3 years of free cover! Someone doesn't have a clue!
Posted 23:18 on 20 April 2008
Pangtong_Blademaster's Avatar



Judging by the poor customer service from MS when you cry to them about your RROD i dont think they care about you either. Nuff said.
Posted 17:08 on 20 April 2008
willber's Avatar


they put the game out to fast on the ps3 and hope it would do good but it did not do that well and they dont wont that to happen on the 360 haste makes waste epics spit-screen or bust and hear is the word that you dont like bullet-lag
Posted 21:15 on 19 April 2008
Hippy Fascist's Avatar
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Hippy Fascist

Serves 'em right for buying a ps3

EVERY multiplatform game so far has been better on the 360 than the ps3

when are the fanboys going to realise the simple truth of this

(cue comments along the lines of, "this has nothing to do with sony, it's epics fault. BULLs**t, if sony wanted a level playing field they could have had it, but they cared more about blu-ray than their customers welfare)
Posted 19:58 on 19 April 2008
Blackend's Avatar
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It´s just not fair not to have split-screen multplayer for PS3!!! I 'should be happy´ with the mods, but I am not. I´d more appreciate split-screen. That´s my opinion.
Posted 19:21 on 19 April 2008
issac's Avatar
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they will probably make a splitscreen mod for the ps3 seeing as they made master chief playable on the ps3.
Posted 15:36 on 19 April 2008

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