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Under Siege Cheats for PS3

On: PS3

PS3 exclusive RTS.

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Other 1

Crafty (Bronze)

Objective: Create a map

Boot Camp (Bronze)

Objective: Complete the tutorial

Brothers in Arms (Bronze)

Objective: Win an online match with a friend

Step Aside (Silver)

Objective: Win 5 ranked matches in a row

Lightning Offense (Silver)

Objective: Win a ranked match in less than 5 minutes

Chapter 1 (Gold)

Objective: Complete Chapter 1

Chapter 2 (Gold)

Objective: Complete Chapter 2

Chapter 3 (Gold)

Objective: Complete Chapter 3

Chapter 4 (Gold)

Objective: Complete Chapter 4

Chapter 5 (Gold)

Objective: Complete Chapter 5

Survivalist (Gold)

Objective: Complete a chapter without losing a single unit

Hardcore (Gold)

Objective: Complete the game in the Hard difficulty setting

Master Strategist (Platinum)

Objective: Gain all trophies

Secret Trophies

Capitalism (Gold)

Objective: Accumulate 5000 gold

Field Medic (Gold)

Objective: Heal a total of 20000 hit points

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Game Stats

Release Date: 27/06/2011
Developer: Seed Studios
Genre: Real-time strategy
Rating: TBC
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