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Promising to hit even harder than before.

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UFC Undisputed 2010 screenshot
UFC Undisputed 2010 screenshot

UFC 2010, by contrast, uses a unique movelist for each of its stars, culled from all thee various disciplines on offer. This was a worthy move to take, but it has the side-effect that the newcomers to the sport will be a bit clueless when it comes to picking new characters. They'll learn, of course, but initially they'll have to make their decision based up on the 16 move statistics that you can view on the character select screen. It's not a massive issue, but it does say something about the fact that this isn't a game that openly welcomes newcomers. If you're a big UFC fan you'll know who's who (and you'll love the fact that the character models are a significant step-up this year), and you'll also understand the basic rules and tactics of the Octagon.

If you're green around the edges, on the other hand, you'll have to learn the hard way. There are several dry-but-functional tutorials that guide you through the basic moves, but the more complicated stuff – the less straightforward chokes and strikes, and the importance of specific poses and positions – is really only learned in the ring. To be clear, the effort is absolutely worth it, and when you start finding your way you'll discover that Undisputed 2010 has some of the most visceral, dynamic man-punching that money can buy. Still, there's no doubt that what this series really needs is a proper in-game guide to the sport. FIFA walks us through every subtle aspect of the beautiful game, and most people at least understand the basics of football, so why shouldn't Yuke's do the same thing here? This is the second UFC game I've played in detail, and I'm still a bit uncertain about what I'm supposed to do from the rather dodgy-looking North-South position.

Normally, of course, you'd expect this stuff to be spoon-fed to you in the Career Mode. In last year's review I singled this out as an area for improvement on Yuke's part, and it's certainly clear that the developer has a put a lot more thought into this second outing. You now start out as a completely skill-less wannabe, an amateur brawler with lots of dreams and a big heart (let's hope so anyway, as all those protein shakes can wreck havoc on the human body). You work your way through your first fights in the World Fighting Alliance, a sort of warm-up to your main career, then eventually progress to the UFC and all the glory it entails. Along the way you'll get the occasional cutscene featuring Dana White and other official UFC faces. These are, without exception, as cheesy as some milk that's been curdled, processed and then left to mature in a Frenchman's sock; all the same, it's undeniably fun to watch your hand-crafted He-Man blab his way to stardom. The create-a-fighter options are vastly improved this year, and so it's entirely possible to play as the blue-bearded freak of your dreams or nightmares.

Unfortunately you'll soon realise that Career mode requires an awful lot of training. This was equally true last year, of course, where training was your second-most time-consuming activity after deleting spam emails from Dana. The problem this time is that your stats degrade. In theory this should stop you from getting complacent and make you work like an eager little beaver; in practice, it just pisses you off. There are 16 separate skills to manage via sparring sessions, alongside training for your strength, speed and cardio. There's also your condition (essentially your level of physical preparation for your next fight) and fatigue to worry about. And as soon as you make it to the UFC you'll soon start getting hassled by Rachelle Leah – a model and TV presenter who always wants you to attend various events as a guest. These can't be entirely ignored, as they help to boost your "cred" which in turn helps you to win new sponsors and trainers (the people kind, not the shoes).

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User Comments

Wido's Avatar


Nice review Neon. Never did get round to get UFC 2009. I hear that UFC 2010 Career is taking the Fight Night Round 4 route. To be kept in shape, you got to work out and etc. I really enjoyed the demo and I will be picking this up. 3 games I want. This, Blur and Prince Of Persia. Though I don't think I will be purchasing any new games till I get RDR to 100% and at least finish my first playthrough on ME1.
Posted 17:54 on 25 May 2010
Roland_D11's Avatar

Roland_D11@ mydeaddog

Thanks, that sounds promising. I can live with some load times, but the save messages last year forced me to put the game down. I think I will rent this before I buy it.
Posted 12:49 on 25 May 2010
mydeaddog's Avatar



They've condensed the saves, as in you no longer get those irritating messages where it seemed to save several things in a row. In general, the load times are still a bit annoying though. Once you actually get into a fight it's all cream, but the flip-side is that you still get fairly lengthy waits between activities, screens etc.

To give the developers credit, at the start of a match some of the loading is masked with announcer stuff.
Posted 12:40 on 25 May 2010
dudester's Avatar


I hated all the training from the 1st tho Neon so seems like I wouldn't enjoy too much in this one.
Posted 12:32 on 25 May 2010
Roland_D11's Avatar


Neon, how is the autosaving in the career mode? I found that extremely annoying in the last UFC game. After every training etc. the game showed several 'Saving xx'-screens. Is that better in 2010?
Posted 12:32 on 25 May 2010
mydeaddog's Avatar


It's not too bad... you still get cred from each fight you take part in, and there's a bonus from wearing sponsored clothes etc. I ended up sacking them off a lot in the early part of my career.
Posted 12:10 on 25 May 2010
El-Dev's Avatar

El-Dev@ mydeaddog

I'm pretty sure your stats degraded in Fight Night as well though so that wouldn't annoy me. I don't mind the training, but having to build up cred sounds like it would annoy me quite a bit. Is it detrimental not attending events?
Posted 11:30 on 25 May 2010
mydeaddog's Avatar


It's been a while since I played Fight Night, to be honest. There's a lot training. The thing is, it wouldn't be so annoying if it weren't for the fact that you stats degrade if you don't maintain them - and there are 16 skills plus your three attributes to look after. It feels a bit like a plate-spinning contest, only each spin requires a separate trip to the gym.
Posted 11:18 on 25 May 2010
El-Dev's Avatar

El-Dev@ mydeaddog

Would it be beyond the level of training in the last Fight Night game?
Posted 10:49 on 25 May 2010
mydeaddog's Avatar


Listen, some of you may really like the career mode. It's much more in-depth than last year, and if you've got the patience for it (which, let's face it, is something this game requires) you may well have a blast with it. Personally, I just got fed up with all the training / stat maintenance.

It's still a good game, it just requires you to put a lot in.
Posted 10:47 on 25 May 2010
dudester's Avatar


Bad times was really hoping they fixed the career mode :(
Posted 10:43 on 25 May 2010
Karlius's Avatar

Karlius@ SexyJams

Shame I was hoping Career mode would go down the Ultimate Fighter route.
Posted 09:53 on 25 May 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


My mate loved UFC Undisputed,
I'll have no problem recommending this to him after everything you've said about it :D
Posted 09:49 on 25 May 2010
South_East_Jedi's Avatar


I hate this game, not because i think it's a bad game, it's just because i cannot f**king get used to the super complicated control system and the fact that whenever i play it, i get far too stressed out and angry
Posted 09:31 on 25 May 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


Sounds like a decent improvement on last year, but career mode still sounds sh*t. It was the biggest disappointment in the last game.
Posted 09:10 on 25 May 2010

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