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Turok is an epic, story-driven first-person shooter set on a dark, mysterious planet in the near future.

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Dinosaurs and guns should be the perfect combination
Dinosaurs and guns should be the perfect combination

Dinosaurs and guns should be the perfect combination

As far as aging franchises go, Turok is right up there. Having started out on the Nintendo 64, Turok's early games proved to be popular with critics and gamers, in no small part for the then rather spectacular graphics. But things went wrong. After Turok 2 the games seemed to get progressively worse, with the last game, Turok Evolution, pretty much nailing the coffin shut. It was Touchstone who saw the series still had potential, grabbing the licence and setting Propaganda Games to work on a new Unreal Engine 3 powered FPS. While certainly better than Evolution, Turok's latest dinosaur hunting adventure still leaves a lot to be desired.

You once again play as Turok, a Native American who happens to be part of an elite squad of soldiers. Your space ship crash lands on a jungle-like planet and from then on it's time to blast some dinosaurs. In between all the shooting you'll get some flashbacks to events from Turok's training and a previous mission that resulted in a death of a soldier - something Turok is blamed for. It's all action movie macho stuff, but serves its purpose.

So what follows is a by the numbers FPS, with you fighting against human soldiers and a load of rampaging dinosaurs. The key point is that these dinosaurs have no alliegence - they're just trying to survive - so they'll attack everyone. You can be fighting some soldiers, only to disturb a nest and all hell will break loose, with the prehistoric beasts ripping friends and foes to bits (not that you see that level of gore). This is a neat idea and one that on occasion does impress, but it's sadly encased in a game so annoyingly designed that any good points are soon washed away beneath a sea of problems.

Let's take a look at the controls first. Turok plays like any other FPS, so that's fine. The problem comes from the number of fast moving dinos and the frequently large groups of soldiers. Without any aiming assist and some very twitchy analogue stick controls it takes an awfully long time to get to grips with things. Even after a number of hours you'll still struggle to take down the fast moving beasts, and the long grass doesn't do you any favours either - despite it looking rather nice. A little more assistance in the targeting would have been great, even if it was limited to attacking dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs are the best part of the game

The dinosaurs are the best part of the game

As with most modern action games, a health bar is nowhere to be seen, with the game instead doing the usual trick of making the screen turn red. Again, that's fine, but what isn't fine is the insane amount of blur applied to the screen as you near your end. It's hard enough having to fend off a pack of dinos and some ridiculously powerful and accurate soldiers, and making you blind doesn't help. You can of course run for cover (although your movement speed is far too slow) to recover your health, but you'll rarely make it if you're surrounded. It's as if developer Propaganda Games wanted to intentionally damage its own game.

And there's more. Turok is more than a little nifty with his knife, so he can kill most small to medium dinosaurs with instant kills. You'll find that this move comes in incredibly handy as it saves you from spinning around wildly trying to target dinos with your guns, but it too is severely flawed. You can only perform these instant kills when the on-screen button command appears, but it seems to appear when you don't expect it to and once you've started a knife attack the animation has to play out before you can attempt another. So, while you're stood there knifing thin-air, the bloodthirsty dinos can feast on your flesh. When you are taken down by a dinosaur you're presented with a button mashing event to save your life and, although they do grate after a while, these manage to convey the feeling of a struggle very well indeed.

Being knocked down is something few games actually do, especially first-person shooters, and it feels good at first. If a dino rams you or a grenade explodes near you, you're going over. Viewed from a first-person perspective it's incredibly immersive and at first a great feature. But at times it's the most annoying feature in the game. One fight later in the game sees you go up against a walking tank (essentially a smaller version of Halo's Scarabs) that repeatedly fires at you, knocking you down. Its fire rate is such that by the time you've scrambled to your feet it's fired another round at you, and you're on your arse again. Repeat this until you manage to edge out of range and you can imagine the frustration. It works as it should, disorienting you, but it doesn't work as a gameplay mechanic.

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To be honest i realy liked this game, definatly an 8 its basically the fun factor in my opinion
Posted 20:36 on 24 September 2008
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i would give it a 7 out of 10
Posted 14:09 on 17 June 2008
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OKey the game is kind of great in alot of ways but it also has alot of floors its totaly worth buying but things like after uve just kinifed a dino it leaves u faceing some random way usually looking at the floor so you have to figure out wer u are wer the enemy is and whos shooting you and its kind of a blag
Posted 19:32 on 27 May 2008
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Are we talkin about the same game?
Posted 21:17 on 28 April 2008
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A 5? Sorry, I value opinions, but come on. This game was at least a 7. I go around on this site and all the reviewers are basically hated except a few, and now I see why
Posted 19:47 on 18 April 2008
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I used to play turok when i had a p.c with voodoo graphics card back in the day!!! although certain elements of that game were "oh my god look how amazing that guy looks, the square blocks of his arm look so life like' it was a case of being a bloody good game to start with :) When i found out i copuld have this trip down memory lane on ps3 i jumped at it!! Sadly the thing is i've started playing it and again felt a wow factor with the graphics, but absolutly no other aspect of the game!! The grass does my head in!! stealth atack is just beyond slow, Aim is a joke, Save points are beyond bad into depths only worms know about! with only these few things listed i'm actually amazed anyone can defend this product in when weighed against money and enjoyment.. don't get me wrong we all have different tastes this i know but for £40 it leaves a bitter one don't you think?
Posted 23:23 on 04 April 2008
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william baxter

Have toagree with review its spot on, aiming poor (to jerky) the instant kills with knife are good but after a kill i find him facing random directions there for loosing my barings AGAIN, so many little things that when added up make this actually pretty poor- loved the origonal and soo dissapointed, Hard to aim- hard to see what the hell is going on - bow is just two slow - aaaaaahhhhhhhh i hate game disgers who no nothing about gaming, this could have been very good but its not!!!! 6/10 4 hours in and still sruggling to hit the enamy that stands b4 me :) with all the good games Halo -gears of war etc that have great controls and aiming why games like this are acctualy alot worse in every department save your money!
Posted 15:02 on 05 March 2008
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Okish review, but being surrounded by raptors is easy with the knife. I get on with it very well and I would give it 7/10 even a 8/10, its like they said with the first Turok on the N64. You hate it or you love it, its a normal FPS and being on a planet with large mass of jungle area who can moan about that....

Some people didn't like it because of the demo and being a very dark cave, well at least you didn't play the bit before the cave. As you must fend off a T-Rex to get into the cave, playing Turok on "In-Human" difficulty would be a pain in the arse as the dinosaurs would annoy the player.

Overall some areas of the review I agree on, and some areas I don't agree on. It could be that you keep dieing when you get a small pack of raptors on you, and the wave of soliders in some areas of the game. But overall its just a normal FPS with the elements of doing it stealth "Knife or Bow" or guns & blazing your choice.
Posted 10:45 on 17 February 2008
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Based on one review? It's averaging 70 on Metacritic - seems some people hate it, others really like it, and the rest are pretty indifferent...
Posted 21:47 on 14 February 2008
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It's a shame cos i loved it on the n64, i think i give this a miss.
Posted 17:38 on 14 February 2008

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Out of 10
  • Some impressive visuals
  • Knockdowns are annoying
  • Dreadful checkpoint placement
  • Twitchy controls
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