Turok screenshot
Turok screenshot

Disney Interactive Studios has confirmed to Kotaku that as a result of restructuring at its Propaganda Games studio approximately 35 employees have been let go.

According to Kotaku, two development teams are still in development of two unannounced games, although a Disney rep was unable to confirm the future of the Turok franchise. According to Disney a sequel has never been announced, but noted that it still holds the rights to the Turok property.

Disney reps also confirmed that Disney's Salt Lake City area developers will be consolidated, seeing Avalanche Software and Fall Line studios combining with a greater prominence on Wii development.

Steve Wadsworth, president of the Walt Disney Internet Group commented: "As you can imagine, given economic conditions, every industry has been impacted on a global scale. In response to this challenging business environment, we have examined ways in which we might be able to work more efficiently."

He added: "The elimination of existing positions that we communicated today was a necessary step that we had hoped to avoid."

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Wido's Avatar


Having the Bow hold RT (I have it on the 360) long enough for more force and bang! Impaled one of Kanes Soliders into a wall. You can even use the dinosaurs to your advantage, use your second attachment on your shotgun which is a flare. Fire it into a group of soliders the flare light which attracts the raptors they shall do the business.

While your sitting there laughing! Or you could do a Rambo approach by just using the knife and bow. Run quickly against a guard when he turns the other cheek bang 1 down couple to go! Use the arrows you have two types (normal & explosive) use the normal as explosives you can use when in big terrain.

I have it all figured out really and yes I do play it over and over again, probably on my 8th or 9th playthrough got all the achievements thanks to my mate who has XBL.

I really hope that Propaganda and Disney Interactive keep Turok in the limelight. In my case there is some need of improvements and especially to the people like who don't like it. So they do have some work on it 'if' there is ever going to be another one.

So hopefully the company doesn't go down.
Posted 14:14 on 30 January 2009
Triggerhappytel's Avatar

Triggerhappytel@ Wido

Sorry, the demo made me want to break my own thumbs so there's no way I'm giving it another chance ;)
Posted 12:06 on 30 January 2009
Wido's Avatar


I really enjoyed it to be fair mate, I mean its been a long time since Turok was on the N64 then there is one for the 360 & PS3. I'm a big fan of Turok and I really liked it and I know people have different tastes, but let it grow on you and you shall love it! :P
Posted 10:42 on 30 January 2009
Triggerhappytel's Avatar


Wido, no offense man, but I though Turok was bloody terrible. I think Yahtzee's review sums it up better than I ever could.
Posted 10:13 on 30 January 2009
Wido's Avatar


WHAT!!! They must keep the Turok franchise alive for god sakes! I'm not happy now...
Posted 10:04 on 30 January 2009

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