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Tom Orry, Editor - Heavy Rain, PS3

Heavy Rain screenshot

I'm months late, I know, but I've finally found time to play Heavy Rain on the PS3. I guess I'm about a third of the way through, and things are just starting to get good. I have one problem, though. Why did Shelby leave that baby with the mother and not call Social Services? I thought I could do what I wanted in this game, but there was no option for that. And what is it about people having showers? And why did Ethan put on the same pants he wore to bed? Do video game characters only have one pair of pants?

Martin Gaston, Staff Writer - Helsing's Fire, iPhone

Helsing's Fire screenshot

I'm usually quick to decry the concept of the iPhone as a gaming platform, but the 59p Helsing's Fire has been solidly glued to my hand for the last week. It's a puzzler through and through, with you clearing levels by illuminating certain on-screen baddies in the correct pattern. It's rarely super taxing (unless you tell it to crank up the difficulty), but it also never fails to keep your brain amused. In all likelihood I'll probably be clearing a few levels as you read this.

Emily Gera, Staff Writer - Thief II, PC

thief -

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Hey Emily, why are you playing Thief II 10 years after it was released. Hey Emily, are you from the past, or an alternate Sliders dimension where the only games that exist are highlights from the last decade? Hey Emily, should I send help?" And I know your feelings of worry conflict with your much more legitimate question: "Hey Emily, can your puny female brain not handle Alien Swarm?" To answer you, I'm playing Thief II because I can't find where I put Mass Effect 2 so I can replay it. So no, I'm not ten years behind the times, I'm seven months. Now who looks like an idiot? But no, Thief II is a brilliant and classic game of the Noughties. If you're remotely interested in first-person stealth and steam punk then definitely try it out. And it features one the best video game characters of the last ten years, the immeasurably cool Garett.

Jamin Smith, Staff Writer - Limbo, XBLA

Limbo screenshot

Despite being the darkest game I think I've ever played, Limbo is a little ray of light in an otherwise gloomy sea of guns, grenades and space marines. Limbo is beautiful, gory, clever, frustrating, satisfying, thought provoking, weird and wonderful in one glorious downloadable package. It's the kind of game I know I'll play through several times, which is something I seldom find myself doing these days. While it doesn't boast the profound and pretentious weight of the enigmatic Braid (which is up there with my favourite games of all time), Limbo is still a fantastic game. The fact that the words 'game of the year' are cropping up in discussions about it is more than reason enough to check it out. Do it now.

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Stegosaurus-Guy-II's Avatar

Stegosaurus-Guy-II@ CheekyLee

Originally Posted by No contradictions here
I then played some more Pokemon Heart Gold

I also have started on Dragon Quest IX, and I think I may well have found the first RPG I will stick with beyond 5% in years!

I've been playing Phoenix Wright, and seem to still be playing it now.
Posted 23:47 on 25 July 2010
CheekyLee's Avatar


I've been almost entirely handheld-centric this week. The Angry Birds update pleased me greatly, as they always do, and then I picked up a little beauty called Stardunk. From Godzilab, creators of iBlast Moki, but it is a totally different game. It is kind of like Paper Toss meets NBA Jam, and well worth 59 of anybody's pees.

I then played some more Pokemon Heart Gold, having discovered the Battle Frontier. I WILL spend far too long making teams and Pokemon for that challenge, especially since it uses monstrous hax against me. I also have started on Dragon Quest IX, and I think I may well have found the first RPG I will stick with beyond 5% in years! Everything I thought was no longer to be found in the genre is right there, with the bonus of it being quite amusing to boot.
Posted 23:39 on 25 July 2010
squidman's Avatar

squidman@ Clockpunk

Maybe I'm being a bit harsh, but (at least in my opinion) it's the usual case of the DLC being a little bit expensive for the relatively thin spread of content it provides. They're both perfectly agreeable while you're playing them but, if you're anything like me, when you get to the end of Dante's Inferno you'll have had enough more than enough of it.

Dark Forest feels like it's less than half an hour long, too. Seriously. For the price of both packs combined you can pretty much buy a new copy of Bayonetta off the internet, which I would recommend if you haven't already played.

Also, I'm glad you like Helsing's Fire chelskiboy. Fistbumps all round. It's good to know I haven't inadvertently caused people to waste 59 pence.
Posted 22:52 on 25 July 2010
Clockpunk's Avatar

Clockpunk@ squidman

Oh? Righteth - thanks for the warning...
Posted 22:12 on 25 July 2010
scaz2244's Avatar


been playing a lot of arkham asylum trying to get all the tapes and riddler trophies, finally i recently purchased a game i thought would not work on iphone but china town wars which is brilliant in evry single way and im only on the 10th mission
Posted 21:48 on 25 July 2010
chelskiboy247's Avatar


Oh and after reading Martin's review I downloaded Helsing's Fire - simply put, it's great. The combat is really original (reminds me of Alan Wake in some ways) and the iPhone/iPod Touch is the ideal platform for it.

A bit of Angry Birds, there was another update which added 15 more levels. Such good value for money!
Posted 20:35 on 25 July 2010
squidman's Avatar

squidman@ Clockpunk

No sir.
Posted 19:42 on 25 July 2010
Peake-a-boo's Avatar


I had a quiet week, a bit of Bad Company 2 and Heavy Rain.
Posted 19:12 on 25 July 2010
Clockpunk's Avatar


Still Crackdown 2, though I'm hoping to actually be able to begin Dantes Inferno this week... what do people think of the DLC? Worth looking into?
Posted 18:31 on 25 July 2010
player66's Avatar


Playing Gears of War 2 trying to get caught up on levels thanks to the 20x XP days. Also, Persona 3 Portable and will do Starcraft II on Tuesday.
Posted 17:58 on 25 July 2010
guyderman's Avatar


I'm back on Transformers :WFC - on PS3 though so I'm having to play with strangers as everyone I know who plays it is on 360. Loving it though - been playing a bit of MP and Escalation too!
Posted 12:57 on 25 July 2010


Gears 2 for me as well. Plus Split/Second, which I agree is a great racing game for the price and getting back into MW2.

iPhone-wise, played Prince of Persia and Let's Golf 2 for review on (go and check out all the reviews and news) which should be up next week.
Posted 12:56 on 25 July 2010
Woffls's Avatar


Well, this weekend I've been playing a couple of games that have surprised me rather a lot. I would seriously reccomend playing both of them.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Wii) - I've never played a Silent Hill game before, but I knew more or less what to expect. What I wasn't expecting - and I trust this isn't a common theme in the series - was for the game to profile me while playing it and change the game accordingly. I'm not sure how it changes the game - though I have some ideas - but I may well play this again and answer differently just to see what happens. Most of the gameplay is just going around playing with your phone, but I'm scared half to death all the time so that's enough for me.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (360) - Aside from playing a demo of that PoP game where the nice lady grabs you before you die because you're crap at the easiest game ever made, I've not played a PoP game since Sands of Time. I wasn't expecting much, but I thought I'd better see where the series was at. It started off okay, nothing special and the platforming didn't feel fluid, but as the game progressed I really started to enjoy it. Swinging on a pole of ice, turning ice off to jump through the wall, then back on again to land on the next pole is a remarkably well implemented idea. Even the combat is good, and levelling up your powers (appropriately simple) really makes a notable difference.
Posted 12:55 on 25 July 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


Joe Danger - Good
RDR - Really good
Limbo - Awesome.
Posted 12:52 on 25 July 2010
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


Cool, learn to use the Scout well, rely heavily on your abilities, especially invisibility and go for melée attacks where possible. In the demo level the one shield powerup is in the centre of the map under the bridge so as a scout you'll have a good chance of getting to it first.
Posted 10:50 on 25 July 2010

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