Tony Hawk Ride

The first Tony Hawk game to utilise a skateboard peripheral. Score:


Our Verdict: This is an expensive peripheral-based game where the expensive peripheral doesn't work; the other cock-ups are just extra nails in the coffin.

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New Tony Hawk game in development

Skateboarding game to shred onto next-gen?

5 Publish date Feb 21

Tony Hawk: Ride dev needs your cash for new game

Robomodo, the developer behind the critically-panned Tony Hawk: Ride and Tony Hawk: Shred, is asking for public donations to help get its next project off the ground.

Publish date Nov 29 2011

Tony Hawk: New game 'probably' next year

New skateboarding game currently in the planning stage.

Publish date Apr 12 2011

Tony Hawk beats Shaun White in sales battle

Activision's latest title sells around double that of Ubisoft's new skateboarding game.

Publish date Feb 4 2011

New Tony Hawk game in latter half of 2010

Focusing on improving software to 'unlock the full potential of the board'.

Publish date Feb 11 2010

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New Tony Hawk title is a mobile game in Article Comments

YlisseanKitty's Avatar

God fecking dammit... Ah well, suppose I should have seen this coming after Deus Ex: The Fall, and before that, Mass Effect: Infiltrator. Still, it's a Hawk game, so it's probably gonna be decent,...

New Tony Hawk game in development in Article Comments

Jesus_Phish's Avatar

As long as it doesn't look like trash I'll buy it. I miss the Tony Hawk games. They where a pretty great series of games and the create a park tool was so much fun.

Hawk to make XBL friends with Ride players in Article Comments

Karlius's Avatar

It seems a little desperate. Buy my game and i'll be your friend!

Game Stats

Release Date: 04/12/2009
Developer: RoboModo
Publisher: Activision
Genre: Extreme Sports
No. Players: One
Rating: BBFC PG
Site Rank: 4,754 42
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