Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition screenshot
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition screenshot

Crystal Dynamics considered creating new story content and introducing new gameplay features for Tomb Raider's PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Definitive Edition, but was told not to by executives at Square Enix, executive producer Scot Amos has revealed.

Discussing the development of the next-gen port during a GamesRadar livestream, Amos revealed that "there [were] things that we talked about [doing], even from the beginning. When somebody says you've got another year, let's go do something, we're like, let's add. Let's add this feature, let's add that storytelling, let's add that moment."

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition screenshot

But unfortunately, that didn't work out.

"It was actually surprisingly early on when we started putting the constraints around this," he continued, "because our boss, Darrell [Gallagher], who's the worldwide head of studios, he looked at us and we're like, we can add all this stuff. And he's like, 'no, you don't want to change what's good. We know this is good. Let's leave that alone'.

"But instead, because this was driven from the team saying we want to do this, we want to step up and make it look better and we want to make it play better and we want to add more content and we want to extend the story, we really had to put a clamp on ourselves and say, you know, we're focused on the future of Tomb Raider, we have another big story to tell, we're worried about that for what our next game will be. So for this game it was, okay, let's put ourselves back in Pandora's Box a little bit, we have all this kids in a candy store feeling of all this tech."

He continued: "Fortunately we have a very sensible and very senior team, so looking at ourselves we know what we can and can't sign up for."

Crystal Dynamics announced that it was developing a sequel to Tomb Raider last year, prior to the announcement of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. And while Amos chose not to reveal what content was kept back for the sequel, he did suggest that bigger environments may play a part in the next game.

"I think that Skyrim's a good analogy," he teased. "If you see it, you can get to it and go out there, and that to us was what the promise of this is. Now that we've seen what we can do [with] Definitive Edition, it starts opening up our eyes of how much further can we push ourselves. What [are] our next steps towards let's get out to that mountain now, how do we get out there, how much bigger can those spaces be, and that's for the future."

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next Friday, January 31. A release date for the sequel has yet to be announced.


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User Comments

justerthought's Avatar

justerthought@ BritishDavid

I think it served its purpose by taking a swipe at those in charge for delivering a short 20hr game and the fact that they should have rectified that problem by adding some more tombs for the Definitive Edition. I passed on the PS3 version because it was too short. I'm on board for the PS4 version, but only just. They have to cure that for the next one by learning from their mistakes or I'm walking away from it.
Posted 03:38 on 24 January 2014
justerthought's Avatar


Please make the new one longer. 20hrs and a crap multiplayer is not enough to justify a purchase. Tomb Raider has been struggling to find its own identity and only added the multiplayer to copy Uncharted. Tomb Raider's core strengths are Lara, tombs, mysterious ingenious puzzles and exploring. Drop the multiplayer and go open world with lots of secret tombs to explore. It will be a winner and differentiate it from the awesome Uncharted. This was the first Tomb Raider I have not bought and the 20hr thing was the decider. I'm going to pick it up on PS4 to complete my collection because it is enhanced.

I racked up 650hrs in Skyrim so I hope Crystal Dynamics do go in that direction. Lara should be going to places like Nepal with ancient cities, mountain monasteries, secret caves and tombs. Open world is the future and Tomb Raider should be moving in that direction because it would work really well and give us more value for money. Skyrim was the best game I have ever played even though it ran crap on my PS3.
Posted 03:10 on 24 January 2014
DonFapowski's Avatar


I didn't get that tone from the headline, he just boiled down the context to the simplest sentence possible.
Posted 14:52 on 23 January 2014
BritishDavid's Avatar


David, first of all, have a lot of respect for you and the website... there's a but coming! BUT i think this headline is misleading and incendiary. It's quite obvious from the meat of the article that the Dev wanted to express that they wanted to add more to the game and expand stuff, but RIGHTFULY so, Square said what you guys did is great, it's awesome you want to add content, but save your energies for the next game and knock it out of the park. The Dev then agreed, i think there's nothing wrong with that. That's what publishers do, they keep Dev's in line and on target.

The headline reads like the Dev's really wanted to add content, but the evil Square overlords prevented them from doing it, and that's just not the case, but hey, it got me to click, so job well done?
Posted 12:29 on 23 January 2014
essex1212's Avatar

essex1212@ Neon-Soldier32

Yeah 35 quid is steep but I fancy playing it again but will wait for the price drop, can see it being 15-20 quid in the Summer and the new Thief. It's been 15 quid already on PC Thief has, with it's bank heist pre order :P

Looks good though but I would rather save my money for Titanfall and Watch Dogs, also trying to get Dead Rising 3 cheap as I just really fancy playing it.
Posted 12:01 on 23 January 2014

Neon-Soldier32@ essex1212

I didn't even play online. As soon as I finished the game it went back in its box and back on the shelf. A shame because its opening 3 hours were truly great. However, there was far too much combat and not enough puzzles and perhaps some more platforming, too.

A definite 8 / 10 with no need for a re release. If there wasn't nothing out for next gen (sorry for the double negative) then this wouldn't sell at all - especially not at £35!
Posted 11:56 on 23 January 2014
essex1212's Avatar

essex1212@ Neon-Soldier32

That's what I think as well when it comes to multiplayer. Most people have caught on that they will drop in price anayway like Ubi-Soft with Assassin's Creed, so even with mp and onlline components tacked on it makes no difference.

They could have had more tombs instead of some Uncharted knock off multiplayer. People would have kept it longer if anything, only played a few minutes online and that was enough for me and the game still got sold.
Posted 11:44 on 23 January 2014


So instead you put a pretty filter over it. Great. No wonder you have so many flops, CD. New story content is all people want, not the multiplayer crap made for it.

I would have easily paid £30 for this on next-gen had there been more story content, hell even 10 new tombs.
Posted 11:37 on 23 January 2014

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