Tom Orry, Editor - God of War: Ascension, PS3

God of War: Ascension screenshot

I love God of War. It's one of the few series I've 100 per cent completed, so Ascension has been on my "must play once it's released" list for quite some time. The game has been given pretty mediocre reviews (for a title from such a popular series), and I can kind of understand why. While the opening hour is pretty spectacular and the visuals that follow are brilliant too, I'm finding the combat quite tedious at the moment due to some tough difficulty spikes. Despite this, I'm sure I'll play through to the end and see some amazing sequences, but maybe it's time for the studio to try its hand at something new, yet equally epic.

Unless they want to remake God of War 2. In fact, do that. Remake God of War 2.

David Scammell, Deputy News Editor - Tomb Raider, Xbox 360

Tomb Raider screenshot

I know it sounds crazy, but I've felt far more compelled to play Tomb Raider's multiplayer than I have to get involved with the single-player. Don't get me wrong: Tomb Raider's multiplayer isn't particularly special - it's essentially Uncharted's MP under a different guise - and is plagued with problems and annoyances, like unpredictable weapon recoil, awkward animations and ropey visuals. But it's inoffensive fun, and a complete surprise given the frosty reception it received on its reveal.

The campaign, then. What I've played so far (which admittedly is little beyond the opening hour) hasn't left me as dazzled as I'd been hoping for. Its production values stun and its visuals and atmosphere doubtlessly impressive. But on the flip side, I feel like the game has been holding my hand a little too much, with early level design that largely involves me holding up and mashing the odd QTE. Lara's comfort in her ability to go from a young, innocent adventurer to trigger-happy killer jars awkwardly with the game's tone, too. It's a fairly typical approach to early-game design, I suppose, and I'm told that it branches out right around the corner. But at the moment, whether Tomb Raider will manage to sink its hooks into me like Lara's arrowheads in an islander's skull is still undecided.

Steve Burns, Reviews and Features Editor - Civilization V, PC

Civilization V - Gods and Kings screenshot

Last week I made the mistake of buying Civ V. Not that it is a bad game; it's just that I've been doing little else but playing it. And when I'm not playing it, I'm thinking about it. I may write a song about my addiction. But I probably won't. Because that would interfere with playing Civ.

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Posted 22:52 on 10 March 2013

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Shouldn't have read this thread :-/
Posted 23:57 on 11 March 2013
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dav2612@ rbevanx

If you left my original statement as it was then you arrive at the same state your suggested response comes to.

He could be in the protaganist's mind, I've said nothing at all that sheds light on any of that.

And this is an action game, not a horror film. I've not seen Skyfall but I'd put money on James Bond killing the villain at the end... spoils absolutely nothing of the journey.
Posted 11:03 on 11 March 2013
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rbevanx@ dav2612

1. Like I was given a choice, you posted Vaas was no more which normally means in gaming (and pretty much all forms of mediums/life) “dead” and I was just stunned you posted that and asked if it was a spoiler and you could have just easily went “I did the Vaas level/part that’s all fella” not confirming he’s dead lol.

2. Well I actually felt this character in a game was gonna be different and was being built by Ubi Soft as an antagonist that would be in the series for a while, mainly by how much of the marketing was behind just him.
I also felt he could have easily been in the protagonists mind as I saw some footage that was drug inspired as well as being similar to horror villains like Jigsaw and Dennis Hoppers character in Apocalypse Now. In short I honestly thought they were gonna do something different and a million miles away from Bowser or whatever, and that’s why I have been dodging footage and waiting for a good time to play the game properly as it’s meant to be at least 14 hours long.

3. Well thankfully I missed it! My visual disorder actually came in handy for once.
Posted 10:46 on 11 March 2013
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Oh for goodness sake lighten up guys. I should leave it at Altaranga's picture but I'll add a few words anyway.

1. I didn't say I have finished the game as I haven't. Any more information would involve spoiler material but now that I've been pushed into answering that question, the hint of a spoiler is now well and truly out there... not my fault, you asked.

2. One way or another you are going to have to 'deal' with the bad guy so don't try to pretend I've ruined anything. From watching trailers for the game I knew I was going to have to deal with Vaas, it doesn't take a genius to work it out. And I didn't even say he was dead until pushed, I said "no more" which could cover death, him fleeing, him becoming my best pal and no longer an issue.

3. There is a bigger spoiler about the game in a recent thread that was posted prior to my comment. And a thread that Bevan has also posted in but that goes without criticism. I love consistency.
Posted 09:19 on 11 March 2013
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New study shows that knowing spoilers doesn’t ruin a story

This week I've been getting a little time in on Medal of Honor:WF which i still really like. It's a shame EA sent it to die as I would love to get more DLC, or even another one.
TC's HAWX has been the co-op game of choice this week. Lots of fun with 3 other people, and the online isn't to bad ether. Also seems I'm not to bad at it too.
Been getting some cheeky lunch time games in at work of The Walking Dead. I love the game but I had my choices, I end up sitting on the fence so much that when something happens I end up wishing I had gone another route.

My 2 year old has been playing little acorns which she completely surprised me with the skills she has on that.
She's also been playing Asphalt 5 but she doesn't play it but just lets the car drive round the track. She earned me achievements in both games :D
Posted 09:18 on 11 March 2013
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Mintyrebel@ rbevanx

Agreed, if I was bothered about the game and had read that I would have been pretty p*ssed.

EDIT: Luckily a Eurogamer f*ck up already ruined that earlier this week though :p
Posted 22:54 on 10 March 2013
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Posted 22:52 on 10 March 2013
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rbevanx@ dav2612

Well could you have just said you completed the game then?

I have been trying to avoid spoilers for the game, that's like saying the killer in a horror movie never dies to me.
Posted 22:15 on 10 March 2013
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dav2612@ rbevanx

Killing the bad guy in a game should never come as a surprise.
Posted 19:56 on 10 March 2013
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rbevanx@ Wido

That's good to hear as I plan to get it in the Steam sale this summer.
Posted 17:29 on 10 March 2013
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jeffyboy40@ Wido

Ive also been playing TOMB RAIDER,and i agree with everything you said,im ploughing through the story because its so damn good and havent done much exploring,so im hoping there that the game will give you the oppotunity to go back and explore after the story finishes.
Did you play the multiplayer on BLOPS declassified?
Posted 17:15 on 10 March 2013
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Been playing a lot of Tomb Raider since I got it. The game is very long! Definitely loving this Tomb Raider game and easily the best Tomb Raider for me than compared to the previous games. I think I have another couple of more hours in terms of campaign left, but I love going off exploring finding those collectibles and raiding those tombs! ;)

I have done all challenges, gps, relics and documents so far in all the previous parts of the island. Now on the beach, which I need to get all the stuff before I tackle the story once more.

I definitely recommend Tomb Raider guys! People thinking you should get it by rent? No, simply do not this rent this game. Having a short period of time and just blasting your way through the singleplayer isn't going to give the experience justification. Of course it is entirely up to you, but, the game excels even more via finding those collectibles and reading the history of this mysterious island and its inhabitants. Tomb Raider is definitely hitting what Uncharted has done. I love the Uncharted games, just Golden Abyss to add to my portfolio and then I have played all the games and I'm not counting the card game into this, though might download a demo if available. Anyway... Crystal Dynamics have created a far much superior Tomb Raider game than the previous games.

You will enjoy the story with the high pack action parts and great for that quick burst of action if you so happen to pursue that route than rather exploring. It is best of both worlds in that figure of speech, though I personally believe that you would want to explore the island to fully get the Tomb Raider experience. I'm definitely going to try for that 100% stat, but its the multiplayer trophies which frighten me.

May play some God of War 1, 2 and eventually 3. I will be getting God of War Ascension at some point...

Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified on the PS Vita & Welcome Park. I must admit, Black Ops isn't too shabby on the Vita. Its a great demonstration of what the PS Vita can do in terms of FPS and I'm sure Killzone Mercenary will be the don of FPS on the Vita when it releases. It handles well and I'm very pleased that I have the Vita, I recommend that too, as I'm sure we will see great titles being pumped out for it.
Posted 16:22 on 10 March 2013
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Endless@ Mintyrebel

@Minty presume you're playing on an EU server? If you need any help or just want one more for anything, give me a shout. I'm on Stormbluff Isle but I can always guest over :)

It amuse me that people have disdain for MMOs, yet there are still millions of people playing famrville and candy crush saga that are exactly that...MMOs. I highlighted this fact to my wife who plays FV2 every day and it had not even occured to her that she was playing an MMO ;)

Guild Wars 2 is pretty much all I've been playing too, though I played a bit of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams with my son a bit, he likes to watch me play it and the game is structured so that he can just keep playing it without a care for progress. You essentially cant die byut your level rating is shot to ***** if you die a lot :)
Posted 15:38 on 10 March 2013
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I have a mix of games going on at the moment including Skyrim (just learnt my first shout), Tomb Raider: Legends, and im getting my ass handed to me on a plate in DARK SOULS!!!!!!!

Trying to kill some fire demon with a huge hammer. Seems like a similar boss tactically to the asylum demon. And i was well upset I lost my first bunch of souls (granted it was only 18000) to a double death yesterday. It's not a hard game per say, as long as you think about the battle ahead of you and take it carefully it's not bad.
Posted 12:53 on 10 March 2013
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rbevanx@ dav2612

Vaas is no more

Is that a spoiler???
Posted 11:33 on 10 March 2013

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