Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent Articles for PS3

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Paramount Pictures leading Splinter Cell film race

Warner Bros had been in talks with Ubisoft - the publisher will retain control over the game's transition to film.

4 Publish date Jun 15 2012

Ubi developing 3D Assassin's Creed movie

Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon also getting the film treatment.

Publish date May 17 2011

Top 10: Worst PS3 Ports

Which games arrived on PS3 a little worse for wear.

21 Publish date Jun 5 2008

Female spy character coming to Xbox 360 Splinter Cell

Contrary to previous reports that the female spy character was a PS3 exclusive, Ubisoft says she's coming to Xbox 360 as well.

Publish date Feb 5 2007

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent Preview

Splinter Cell Double Agent PS3 Q&A with Mathew Hector, PS3 producer at Ubisoft Annecy.

2 Publish date Jan 26 2007

Ubisoft set to unleash five games for Euro PS3 launch

A new release schedule published by Ubisoft has confirmed that the publisher plans to ship five titles for the European PS3 launch.

1 Publish date Jan 3 2007

Double Agent heading to PS3

Sam Fisher sneaks out of the shadows and onto the PS3 in March 2007.

4 Publish date Dec 21 2006

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