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Tiger's back, once again giving players all the courses and tools golf fans want.

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 screenshot
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 screenshot

True Aim and Focus, then, is EA trying to open up the game at both ends of the difficulty spectrum, which was something a bit wonky in Tiger 10, but the end result in 11 still feels a bit off. A single XP currency now handles character levelling, but the game's still a bit too easy from the start. It's a cakewalk to be the star player of your team in a Ryder Cup career from the beginning and, by the time you've sunk a few points in your stat sheet, you're hitting shots with so much power and accuracy that the only logical conclusion is that you must be some kind of powerful robot from the future.

Unless you're playing on the hardest difficulty with True Aim switched on, that is, but that's still a bit too hard for the average player. The harder modes have got harder and the easier modes have got easier, basically, leaving the very problem these new features were attempting to fix - the people stuck in the middle - completely untouched.

Multiplayer modes, which have rapidly become some of the most compelling reasons to invest, have been rounded out with the addition of a Team Play mode. 24 players can take part in a sort-of Ryder Cup set of challenges, which is a lot of fun but plagued by its own set of quirks, bugs and fiddly menus - which has caused the online community to be a bit thin on the ground, despite being a new release.

There's also the much-publicised Online Pass, which means online play requires you to buy a new copy of the game or spend about a tenner on a code from PSN/XBLA. It makes no attempt to be subtle about it, either, and anyone without an Online Pass will see a pop-up every time they start the game, regardless of whether they try and use the online play features or not.

There's plenty of spiffing visual tweaks to round out the updates, such as how clothes now ripple in the wind, but other parts (the skies, especially) reveal the game's ageing engine. It's not an ugly game by any means, but it’s clearly running on a five-year-old engine. It doesn't help that, if you're anything like me, you'll just create CrushBrains McKickshins and try to make him look as evil as possible. Any game that has both an ethnicity slider and the option to have neon pink pupils is ripe for abuse.

Still, there's no denying that Tiger 11 is a lot of fun. The additions and changes might not be a complete success, but the game's gentle rhythm and solid fundamentals are just as oddly compelling as they ever were. It doesn't bring the kind of vital changes we saw from, say, FIFA 10, but that's doesn't mean it's a lazy update, either. At the end of the day, Tiger 11 still plays a fine game of golf - though it might not be enough to clear the rough.

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draytone's Avatar


Are there any side quests? Like going to bars and chatting up blondes then taking em back to your motel why the wife looks after the kiddies? Only joking Tiger! Looks like another golf game I can utterly suck balls at.
Posted 09:43 on 16 July 2010
Goofy-Gooberson's Avatar


Good review!

One update though. The game has just been patched for Move support. The loading screen now has Wii like warnings about strapping the controller on properly and giving yourself plenty of space.

Would be useful to get an updated review when Move is launched
Posted 09:04 on 16 July 2010

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
Out of 10
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
  • New features add something to the game
  • Strangely addictive
  • Not a vital update
  • Doesn't do enough to fix last year's faults
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