Ninja Blade screenshot
Ninja Blade screenshot

Tom Orry, Editor - Ninja Blade, Xbox 360
I wasn't expecting much from Ninja Blade for the Xbox 360, seeing as it had been out in Japan for a few months without making much of a splash. So discovering it to be a highly entertaining over-the-top Ninja Gaiden wannabe came as a real surprise. It's the sheer lunacy of the set-pieces and boss battles that make it so much fun. As I mentioned in my review, one level sees you fighting on the wings of a massive aeroplane. The plane is being eaten by what look like giant white ladybugs, but that's not the worst of it: a massive three-headed Fire Hydra has latched on and is bringing the plane to an explosive end in a bustling city. Of course, our heroic ninja can't let this happen, so after somehow crash landing the plane on a motorway he leaps in front of the wheels and uses his feet as brakes. I'm not sure if I've ever come across a more badass video game character before.

Wesley Yin-Poole, Deputy Editor - Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Nintendo DS
Drug dealing on the DS feels weird. So weird that, as I was working out whether I'd make any money reselling some coke I'd just bought from another dealer, I looked over my shoulder like a child with his hand in the biscuit tin. For whatever reason, drug dealing in Chinatown Wars feels wrong. It feels bad. Perhaps it's because of the endless happy happy joy joy Japanese role-playing games I play on the handheld. Or perhaps it's because of the family-friendly reputation Nintendo's cultivated with its Brain Training and Nintendogs titles. I don't have a problem with it. Indeed I think it's refreshing. It's just interesting. I've never played a game before that's made me feel so, well... naughty.

Football Manager Live screenshot

James Orry, News Editor - Football Manager Live, PC
It's been a week filled with transfer activity, although I've thus far failed to bring any new seniors to the club. My major target was midfield maestro Nigel De Jong, but when bidding on his auction skyrocketed I wasn't prepared to increase my initial £1.5 million offer. Likewise a late bidding war on Brazilian playmaker Elano proved futile, eventually having being told by the money men that I couldn't bid any more. There has been some movement out of the club, having accepted a £700,000 offer on club captain Tcho, who after several seasons of solid performances, but little progression left for pastures new. I also turned down endless bids for 18 year old striker Lemaire, including an offer of £3.5 million - sure I could have done a lot with that kind of money, but I can't part with my star striker without seeing how good he'll eventually end up being. My next target... Jérémy Toulalan.

Batman: Arkham Asylum screenshot

Neon Kelly, Previews Editor - Batman: Arkham Asylum, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC
Were you one of those people who used to pretend to be Batman by wearing your coat as a cape in the school playground? Hell, are you one of those people who still does that now? If so, the chances are that you're going to be very excited by Arkham Asylum, because this is the first game I've ever played where you actually feel that you are Batman. You can hang upside-down and grab people; you can use your cape to glide down from great heights; you can even move into a big house with a boy called Dick - a boy who's just your friend. Okay, so you can't do that last part - but you can do lots of other cool things. The basic bat-mechanics all seem to work extremely smoothly, and we've yet to sample anything of the Paul Dini-scripted main campaign. I can't wait, I really can't.

Wheelman screenshot

Sebastian Ford, Video Producer – Wheelman, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC
Wheelman has been getting a lot of stick across the board, and I can understand the complaints, but I really didn’t find it all that bad. Truth be told, I didn’t exactly play far into the game, but I can’t deny that I quite enjoyed the little section that I did experience. I think you need to look at it from the right perspective; it is simply about unadulterated, Hollywood action. You can jump motorbikes and cars off all kinds of structures, while shooting at other cars, all while going backwards. This is the kind of thing I would have cried hot tears of liquid joy about in my early teens, and now in my twenties I can still admit that peeps of audible enjoyment could be heard across the office while I was playing.

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User Comments

Xamarl's Avatar


been playing gta4, condemed2 and sacred... because i shall never tire of the game D2 should have been
Posted 14:54 on 29 March 2009
xboxlive's Avatar


This week i been playing
Race pro online with a few mates-love how the cars drive"best race sim out"
Wheelman,been playing it for a few days now,its not a big wow game but a sort of chilled out game.
Posted 13:28 on 29 March 2009
Wido's Avatar


Been playing God Of War 1 & II also Metal Gear Solid: Sons Of Liberty. Been playing Metal Gear Solid 2 a lot and finished it last night, quailty game playing as Raiden.

Just need to buy Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater :D
Posted 22:40 on 28 March 2009
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Retro for me again this week, there's something addictive for me about making little numbers increase slightly after several hours of pushing the same button, and Phantasy Star Universe has plenty little numbers to increase.

Today I spent six hours pressing the Y button. Tomorrow I'm going to liven things up and remap the skill I'm levelling to X, and press that for six hours instead. The real nerdy fun is realising that doing so for 6 hours only gets a skill to level 20, and you need exponentially more button pressing to reach level 50, which means lots more hours ahead pressing the same button.

That's just one skill, there are 157 of them, so now you know why this is the game I'm playing this week most weeks. (Until Sacred 2 gets released, at which point I might take a break from PSU for a bit).
Posted 16:32 on 28 March 2009
jakeistheman's Avatar


just picked up SF4 and been enjoying it and a little cod now and then.
Posted 16:23 on 28 March 2009


Burn, Zombie, BURN! for my review, Flower Pixel Junk Monsters. And Killzone 2 Online. And some WoW with my mates :)
Posted 15:51 on 28 March 2009
thpcplayer's Avatar


I am surprised to see that there has been no review of gta cw it was released days ago i hav played the game and absolutely loved it to bits
Posted 15:44 on 28 March 2009
bencrosaby's Avatar


Wez - I guess you're going to be reviewing GTA soon then?

I'm playing CoD and Gutiar Hero as usual...
Posted 15:21 on 28 March 2009
thpcplayer's Avatar


So i just bought my stormrise, wheelman and uncharted drakes fortune i was on empire total war, hawx, last remnant these 3 for pc and wrestlemania and a little of resi 5 on 360 and chinatown on ds and kz2 on ps3
Posted 14:42 on 28 March 2009

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