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Recommended: Wheelman - Xbox 360, PS3 and PC
While our final verdict isn't coming until tomorrow, we can get away with saying Wheelman is a fun game that'll probably surprise a few people. Driving is the focus, but there's some gun-play thrown in too, and the action is never anything less than ridiculously over the top. It'll likely be a bit too generic for some, but well, we just like leaping from one moving car to another and pulling off insane handbrake turns.

Also worth a look

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 - Wii
The first PES game on Wii was the most complex instalment in the series ever, but that hasn't stopped Konami releasing another version, presumably with a few much needed fixes and gameplay enhancements. Again, you'll have to wait a day or two for our final verdict, but chances are this is going to appeal to anyone who found the previous Wii game to be a stroke of footballing genius.

Battleforge - PC
Command and Conquer Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition - PS3
These two are being lumped together for no other reason than they're both strategy games, from EA no less. Battleforge certainly seems to be trying something new, but we're yet to decide if that's a good thing, and Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition for PS3 is a slightly enhanced, feature-packed version of the game PC and 360 owners were playing last year.

Monsters vs Aliens - PS2, DS, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC
Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars - Wii
While Monsters vs Aliens is on six platforms, we reckon the Wii version will get the most attention, so along with Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars you've got yourself a double helping of 3D platforming. Monsters vs Aliens looked good for a kids game last time we saw it, and Mushroom Men has always looked decent - it's just taken forever to arrive in Europe.

And the rest…
Afro Samurai - Xbox 360 and PS3
Buzz! Brain of the UK - PS2 and PSP
C.O.R.E - DS
Calvin Tucker's Redneck Jamboree - Wii
Don King Boxing - Wii and DS
Drakensang - PC
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time - Wii and DS
Imagine Doctor - DS
Jelly Belly: Ballistic Beans - Wii and DS
Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust - Xbox 360, PS3 and PC
Mana Khemia - PS2
Mana Khemia: Student Alliance - PSP
Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops/Coded Arms Doublepack - PSP
Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops/Silent Hill Origins Doublepack - PSP
Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi - DS
Nancy Drew and the Deadly Secret of Olde World Park - DS
Phineas & Ferb - DS
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix - PC
Samurai Shodown Anthology - Wii
Stormrise - Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

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thpcplayer's Avatar

thpcplayer@ wyp100

thanks who is the reviewer you or tom or anyone else
dont bother replying to it just 1 hour and a half no matter
Posted 15:28 on 25 March 2009
xboxlive's Avatar


only Afro Samurai takes my pick,will be picking this game up.
Posted 15:17 on 25 March 2009
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Wheelman review is coming at 5pm!
Posted 15:15 on 25 March 2009
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vg staff what about wheelman review you said tommorow.
Posted 14:19 on 25 March 2009
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Has Samurai Shodown Anthology got all the blood in it?
Posted 00:59 on 25 March 2009
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wheelman and stormrise
Posted 14:11 on 24 March 2009

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