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Next instalment in the hugely successful The Sims franchise.

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The Sims 3 screenshot
The Sims 3 screenshot

It's a beautiful day over at the office. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. All of this can only mean one thing: I'm ill. Yes, nature is laughing at me, wiping its hideous diseases on my face and mocking me triumphantly. Here I am, in the height of HD weather, bedridden.

What's even more pleasant is how ill I really am. Having exhausted my body's natural supply of unnecessary fluids, the last three days I've been awoken by an ever-so-pleasant fountain of slime streaming out of my face. Hoo boy, that's delightful, let me tell you. "Ho ho," my pathogen chimes. "Mucus and phlegm are so passé. How about we make her face eject vital, life-giving liquid morning, noon and night? Haha, maybe next we can make her eyes shoot PISS!"

This is my introduction to The Sims 3 on console, anyway. My Emily avatar seems to be suffering from some kind of debilitating stomach flu and spends most of her time passed out in one of the six beds I've inserted around the perimeter of my Sim office. In fact the house I constructed is at least 70 per cent beds, with a number of small pools built into various parts of the floor.

While you've always been encouraged to try and gain a basic income, the Sims connoisseur has more of a tendency to go off the beaten path and attempt to fudge the system.

This is exactly what I have always adored about The Sims.

And here's why: it represents one of the best aspects of gaming – the ability to push a game to its creative limit just to see what will happen. On PC the The Sims has been consistent in how it's offered different aspects to experiment with, from the pet angle of Sims Unleashed to the urban-lite angle of Hot Date to the semi-supernatural angle of Livin' Large. A tidal wave of Sim expansions has gushed from the EA assembly line over the last decade, but its interpretation as a non-PC title has left something to be desired.

Sims 3 for console is the first time the franchise has been presented as a near-match to its PC counterpart. Unlike 2005's Sims 2 offering, which had an almost third person adventure flavour, this game is a dead ringer for its computer-based sibling - and that's a success in its own right. Translating a PC title to an entirely new system with an entirely different set of controls is difficult. And while descriptions of controls are the lowest form of games journalism it's important just to mention how seamless they are.

You govern Sims within a household by selecting them with the right analogue stick while moving the camera about with the left. Righty controls a vertical beam of light. Push that over the object you want to select and you'll get a list of objects you'll be able to interact with. This in particular is one of the more well thought out aspects of the game: it doesn't ask for exactness. Instead it asks you which relevant objects you want to interact with. Do you want the chair? Do you want the table? Do you want to direct Emily to take out the rubbish? The controls aren't necessarily as instantly intuitive as they are with a standard mouse but there's a flow to the system of selecting and directing Sims, one that exists because you're allowed to be sloppy with your controls.

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User Comments

bluefins54's Avatar

bluefins54@ Gir

Posted 20:44 on 05 February 2011
bluefins54's Avatar

bluefins54@ omfg-bbq

yes. sims bustin out
Posted 20:44 on 05 February 2011
solannyandrea's Avatar


i have all the sims 3 games for PC and i love them so much! really its a great game. but i bought this game for the ps3 2 weeks ago i was soo disappointed i did not like it at all. i only played it 3 times it wasnt worth 60 bucks. so i returned it i'm sticking with the PC <3
Posted 07:56 on 22 December 2010
Geraface's Avatar


RE: Everybody

You can't have pets, not yet anyway.

It's identical to Sims 3 on PC, visually and in terms of what you can and can't do so you can have kids, age, etc.

It's the same camera view as the PC games. Basically they threw the whole PC game on to console and added the karma system.
Posted 10:46 on 22 November 2010
random's Avatar


Is it third person or just birds eye view for 360
Posted 08:14 on 21 November 2010
justbrett's Avatar


After having to wait since June for this to come out on consoles, I was more than eager to play. Finally, there is a good port of this game that doesn't sacrifice a lot of the functionality of the PC version. Also, loved the music and how they had some bands record songs in "Simlish" - I was especially happy to hear a Simlish version of "Stand Tall" by The Dirty Heads.
Posted 23:59 on 09 November 2010
NikkiNhinote's Avatar


hey, Well to me sims had been a MILLION times better on pc than on consule! Is this just as good as pc or is it as dissapointing as sims 2 for console?? and also can you have children??
Posted 18:04 on 31 October 2010
Gir's Avatar


Are there pets? I would assume not but just in case....
Posted 22:53 on 30 October 2010
Geraface's Avatar


You mean Get A Life or whatever it was called? Nah, this is just standard, straight forward Sims.
Posted 15:08 on 26 October 2010
omfg-bbq's Avatar


Great review a quick question is there a story mode like the original sims?
Posted 14:27 on 26 October 2010

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