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Final Fantasy XIII screenshot
Final Fantasy XIII screenshot

Producers and development teams at Final Fantasy XIII publisher/developer Square Enix "don't have a particular favourite platform", the director on upcoming RPG The Last Remnant has revealed.

Speaking to during a trip to Tokyo to check out the title, director Hiroshi Takai, whose credits include Legend of Mana, the Romancing SaGa trilogy and PS2 launch title The Bouncer, reinforced the company's commitment to multi-platform development with its high-profile role-playing games, but said that the 360 is an "easy" platform to develop on, and revealed that The Last Remnant team had "quite a lot of fun" with it.

Square Enix has down the years been a predominantly PlayStation exclusive developer, with its showcase Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest titles appearing on Sony's consoles only from the late 90s.

However, in recent months the famed Japanese company has changed that perception somewhat by supporting Microsoft's Xbox 360 extensively. At E3 in July Square Enix stunned the gaming world by taking to the stage during Microsoft's press conference to announce that Final Fantasy XIII would also be coming to the Xbox 360 in Western markets.

While The Last Remnant is planned as a multiplatform title, it is being released on the Xbox 360 first, this Thursday, with no date announced for the PS3 or PC versions. Infinite Undiscovery, released earlier this year, was a 360 exclusive, and Star Ocean: The Last Hope, planned for release next year, will also be a 360 exclusive.

When asked if, going forward, Square Enix will be making all of its 'next-gen' games multiplatform, Takai-san said: "If there's something that a particular platform can do that the game really needs to take advantage of then it may end up being an exclusive title, but otherwise the producers or the development teams don't have a particular favourite platform, so there isn't really anything to stop us from just going multiplatform in the future."

He added: "The 360 is an easy platform to make games for. The dev environment and the dev kit and everything they've released, those were really dev friendly, so it was quite a lot of fun to work on the 360 version from a development point of view."

What do you think of Takai-san's comments? Let us know below.

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Bandit King's Avatar
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Bandit King

It goes without saying that game development is extremely costly these days, and that a Multi platform strategy is best, but there is more to Square-Enix's move then just development costs. See this is where company politics come into play. I would bet anything that FF13 would not have gone multi-plat if Sony had offered to bank role 50% of the development costs, but 3rd parties don't seem to be Sony's concern this gen.

They have spent the last 10 years creating a worldwide team of first party talent to not only make games but the tech that drives the system. There is something to be said for the quality in those titles as they are the best reason to own a PS3. Now being brutally honest Sony's vision right now is a bit short sighted as big first party titles take a lot of time to make and you need 3rd party exclusives as well as 3rd party multi plat titles to fill the gap between big releases. Problem is that right now Japan is struggling with the current gen technology in particular PS3, and outside of big companies like Capcom it's a massive undertaking so most companies can't afford to pour all their resources into on console without some financial backing, otherwise believe me the Japanese would not even consider developing for 360 due to it's current market share in Japan.

Microsoft realized this rift forming and made the offer to bank role some of their titles in addition to getting FF13 in the west. I will bet anything Sony and Square spoke about financial backing for FF13, which given Sony's financial situation and all the money they are pouring into 1st party development they just did not see the advantage in paying Square to make a game it was already making .

You also need to factor in Square's position on the matter, if they can't get at least 50% of their invenstment back from Sony, what if FF13 launches and while doing spectacularly does not do as well as it needs to to make a profit or break even? Also given how big of a team is needed for next gen development it's easy to see how the learning cure the PS3 has is limiting Squares teams, hence why Last Remnant uses the Unreal Engine 3, though you can blame Unreal for the PS3's delay of Last Remnant.

Still I think you will see Square support PS3 more evenly with 360 after White Knight and FF13 launch exclusively in Japan, but like it or not Square is multiplat and 360's sales numbers for Tales of Vesperia and Infinite Undiscovery are going to keep it that way.
Posted 16:36 on 18 November 2008
greyfox's Avatar
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only one problem LA ff7 is what made the company the most widely know and to add on to that square enix is becoming another EA or Activision look at the amount of games put out in the last months compared to the entire ps2 run....there in it for the money now....this is coming from a multi system owner so dont try the fanboy stuff
Posted 21:29 on 17 November 2008
LAGamer's Avatar
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Ivan_PSP - Then apparently Square should favor Nintendo since that is where Final Fantasy started which saved Square all those years ago.
Posted 21:10 on 17 November 2008
Mr L03's Avatar
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Mr L03

Sony owned the Kill zone rights
Posted 20:07 on 17 November 2008
Mr L03's Avatar
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Mr L03

just one sec. if you look at the the list of square-enix 360 titles only one is out of place, and that is Infinite Undiscovery. because it was only published by them, and it was developed by Tri-Ace. (i.e. Capcom published GTA 3 in japan and ubisoft published Armored Core 4 answer in Europe) both capcom and ubisoft them did not make them, they just sold them in the regions were the original developer could not do so. Infinite Undiscovery rights belongs to Microsoft just like the wipeout games are now owned by Sony. now for clear view of what i mean. Halo + Micro Rights = Microsoft, Kill zone + Sony Rights = Owned sony. Games - Micro and Sony Rights + 3rd party Rights * any other platform or consoles = Multi Platform. now Tri-Ace developed all the star oceans games and Square enix published them (two old company's that have worked together for a long time), and that how it is. Here's were it gets unfunny Timed exclusives Makes no sense at all. so let me get this straight you take dam long to make the game then you tell me that i won't get it until you say so, that's just wrong. so in the end you would buy something else. look how long FF13 is taking to come out (2006,07,08 now 09 WTF). it took so long that they started to make other game while they wait {FF13 verses, FF13 agito and Dissidia and this one is coming out 1st} the last on the list is first to come out. WHAT! and making you flag ship Mr 13 go multi before your done making it (sigh). And dose anyone remember that Last Remnant had two version of gameplay, one was for asian style of playing and the other for western gamers. and now no one remembers that or cares but I did. just more broken promises. my 20 years of gaming has been cut to 11 good years, and some multi platforms messed it up (just some). think back to the days that made sense, and you get console only games. this is now my sort list of games that some up the consoles I had (microsoft vs nintendo vs sony). rules are two games that to sum up the company's. 1) Halo + Metal wolf (jap) / 2) viewtiful joe + Smash Brothers melee / 3) onimusha series + Zone of the Enders series. and the winner is....... me!!! why you say. most people understand history of the games and love them for it, and if they don't that's there right as an gamer so there list would be different. Ok before some of you say it, i'm not a sony, microsoft or nintendo fan I just like good games that's on any console or platform. so get your fact straight! Don't hate Square Enix for what they did with star ocean 4, that game was made in 2007 and it will be out in 2009 (two years wait not bad) but for what they are doing to FF13-teens. It's not out yet!!! now in 1997 to 2002 some time Square Enix gave a glimps of there concept art in a gaming magazine of the Final Fantasy games after FF9, it went all the way to FF14. so nearly 11 years!! in that time they raped FF7 for all it was worth with movies, comic's and spin-offs. I don't know how much FF7 can take but I have had enough off the crap. now when Final Fantasy 13 and verses comes buy it if you want or be like me and wait for a cheaper 2nd hand copy down the line. Know your gaming past to see and understand a better gaming future. I know my games do you know yours.
Posted 20:03 on 17 November 2008
Wido's Avatar


I think Square Enix has pushed there company to a new era by producing games for the 360. While still making games for the PS3 and also now the 360 this is a great money move for them, and shall be making more fantastic Square Enix games for a wider audience now.

So cookies for everybody!
Posted 19:44 on 17 November 2008
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Will it? Some how, i dont agree with you one bit. They're successful because the games they brought out are fantastic and rich in gameplay and story....unlike most tat that's brought out.

Posted 17:48 on 17 November 2008
Ivan_PSP's Avatar
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PlayStation needs to be Square-Enix favorite why because it has made very rich with Sony's help. FFXIII on Xbox 360 will have to be downgrade.
Posted 17:42 on 17 November 2008

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