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A PlayStation 4 version of The Last of Us is "probably" in development alongside the upcoming PS3 version, industry analyst Michael Pachter has predicted.

Speaking about the PlayStation 4's line-up on the latest episode of Gamertag Radio, Pachter estimated that Naughty Dog's horror-adventure will see a next-gen release, and that the only platform-exclusives released on next-generation consoles will be developed by first-party studios.

"The only guys who should make exclusive next-gen titles are people who get paid for it, which means first-party or someone that they pay up for an exclusive," Pachter said.

"First-party... like what's The Last of Us going to be? That's coming out in June. Is it going to be next-gen too? Probably. My guess is that that thing gets onto the next-gen. Watch Dogs is next-gen and current-gen, you know?"

The Last of Us was delayed from its original May release date to June 14 earlier this month. The new date pins a release during the week of E3, where PlayStation 4's hardware is expected to be revealed.

"A lot of guys are doing [cross-gen development] but it's really hard to be exclusive, it really is," Pachter continued. "So exclusives [are] gonna be only first-party titles unless, like I said, Epic did Gears of War exclusive because they got paid to be exclusive, and I'm not sure you're going to see those any more.

"We'll see, but I think everybody's going to be on everything because that's just the right business model."

As well as The Last of Us, Pachter also predicts that GTA 5 will see a release on PlayStation 4 and the next-generation Xbox "eventually".

Source: Gamertag Radio

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EverTheOptimist's Avatar

EverTheOptimist@ munkee

Probably, but there isn't a PC release in sight is there? Maybe it'll eventually be released on next-gen consoles but I reckon you can safely buy it for what you have now :)
Posted 12:12 on 27 February 2013
munkee's Avatar


Wouldn't it just be a high-res texture (and likely higher poly) port that they'll be building for PC's?
Posted 12:07 on 27 February 2013
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


I can't see Rockstar doing this either, it just doesn't sound right based on what they've done in the past. GTA V looks huge and has taken years to create, so it'd be a mammoth task to make it a worthy game on next-gen consoles.
Posted 09:16 on 27 February 2013
altaranga's Avatar

altaranga@ pblive

Posted 09:12 on 27 February 2013


I predict someone will predict a riot.
Posted 22:19 on 26 February 2013
altaranga's Avatar


I predict a number of similar predictions over the coming months.
Posted 21:15 on 26 February 2013
MJTH's Avatar


Patcher seems be doing the rounds today. Part of me doesn't see this being true though (for either GTA 5 or Last of Us), even if what he says make the tiniest bit of sense for once.

In the case of rockstar, they seem hard pushed just to even release this game on PC. Porting the game to PS4 and Nextbox just for the widest range of release doesn't seem like the kind of thing Rockstar would do. I would predict an announcement for GTA6/ GTA random subtitle by 2015 just so they can get time to work with the new systems.

As for last of us, that game is getting so much out of the cell architecture of the PS3, it would be quite hard to do a PS4 version, unless they were being developed side by side. Whilst the later is somewhat likely, I wouldn't hedge my bets.
Posted 19:39 on 26 February 2013
tvr77's Avatar


What munkee said. *
Posted 19:20 on 26 February 2013
munkee's Avatar


I think I'm probably going to hold off from buying this and GTAV* until the PS4 release. I'm definitely buying the console and these would be two damn good games to have at launch, or soon after.

*The above statement is true in that I would like to hold off from buying. But in actual fact I will (am) onboard the hype train for GTAV, will be absorbing every piece of promotional material that emerges, talking about it relentlessly between now and then, and will probably buy it the very second it's released.
Posted 17:37 on 26 February 2013

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