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July 2013 was the "worst month in history" for UK games retail, according to a report by industry mag MCV, which claims that "just over 1 million boxed games were sold last month".

The figure allegedly puts sales 40.4 per cent lower than previous month June, and 33.3 per cent lower than July 2012.

Just over £23m was generated at games retail throughout the month, the mag states, "almost half" that generated in June.

July saw few major new releases, with only Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros, Pikmin 3 and Dynasty Warriors 8 cracking the top 50. The Last of Us was the top-selling game for the month, followed by Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

The UK high street has long-suffered from declining sales. Last year, GAME almost faced closure after entering into administration, with entertainment retailer HMV facing a similar situation in January.

But it may not be all doom and gloom for the high street: MCV predicts that over £1bn will be generated by UK retail between now and Christmas.

Source: MCV | Friday, August 9, 2013

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Llamazoid's Avatar

Llamazoid@ FantasyMeister

I never understood how selling games and consoles alone was a profitable business model. Sure I can get some income is made off used games but with several faces of the same game eg. Fifa eventually that well will run dry. Maybe they should try selling book's, comic's and dvd's on top of their current stock.
Posted 00:00 on 09 August 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I spent £4.18 in July on Steam.

And this is the last time I'll mention it before they all go under: bricks and mortar games retailers have to diversify more, if they stick to just games they deserve everything the liquidators throw at them.
Posted 17:14 on 08 August 2013
rico_rico's Avatar


because there is no games
Posted 16:17 on 08 August 2013
MasonCooper42's Avatar


surely they made a few bob with preorders?
Posted 14:48 on 08 August 2013
DancingRhino's Avatar

DancingRhino@ Llamazoid

Ye, us actually having a summer, which is historic in itself, might have something to do with it.
Posted 14:44 on 08 August 2013
Endless's Avatar


I'd be interested to see what the online/download sales figures were compared to these retail stats. Are onloine/download sales up by comparison or have they slumped the same as retail?
Posted 13:28 on 08 August 2013
Llamazoid's Avatar


Combining the lack of major new releases and it being the third warmest July in national record. I would assume a lot of people were making the most of the good weather and spending more money on day's out and other product's rather than purchasing games. We also have to consider some people will be saving for the next gen consoles.
Posted 12:29 on 08 August 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar


"July saw few major new releases..."

The reason, right there. Putting out good games = good sales figures.
Posted 11:56 on 08 August 2013
Freekill's Avatar


Teach them not to hire me ;)
Posted 11:29 on 08 August 2013

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