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Is The Last Of Us the best game ever made?

As The Last Of Us: Remastered arrives on PS4, people have started discussing whether Naughty Dog's masterpiece deserves the praise thrust upon it. looks at both sides… Warning: Spoilers.

25 Publish date Aug 1

FIFA: The Ultimate Storyteller

People often ask when games will offer us true agency... except they already have, and have done so for quite some time.

1 Publish date Mar 8

Is the success of The Last of Us harming storytelling in games?

The incredible success of The Last of Us saw it heralded as one of the very best examples of storytelling in games. John Robertson argues that, while effective, its method is essentially just a movie bolted onto a game. And that's causing problems.

24 Publish date Feb 15

The Games Of The Generation: Dave's Choice

The team is bullied into choosing just 3 games from hundreds as their games of the generation. Today, Deputy News Editor Dave Scammell's choices...

6 Publish date Dec 3

The Price Of 'Tacked-On' Multiplayer

Any game that meets some success before getting added multiplayer with the sequel gets painted with the 'tacked-on' brush. Does that always mean a sub-par experience, though?

7 Publish date Aug 3 2013

The Last Of Us: Sequels, Movies and World War Z

Video games have been trying to imitate movies for years. If Hollywood's biggest new release is anything to go by, they're well on their way to surpassing them.

2 Publish date Jun 28 2013 Plays June 28, 2013

The games that have been making's lives better and worse this week.

8 Publish date Jun 28 2013

VideoGamer UK Podcast: The Last of Us Special

Spoilers aplenty, as the VG team talk through their experience with The Last of Us.

4 Publish date Jun 25 2013

The Last of Us' Final Hours: The Generation's Perfect Ending

The ending of The Last of Us not only wraps up Naughty Dog's latest perfectly, but it is a fine send off to the generation as a whole. Spoilers within.

15 Publish date Jun 21 2013

Is The Last of Us’ Opening The Best Ever?

With Naughty Dog's latest cleaning up both critically and commercially, Steve looks at the game's opening to see what makes it so good, and what the developer could have done better. Spoilers within.

7 Publish date Jun 17 2013

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