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The Last Guardian screenshot
The Last Guardian screenshot

The Last Guardian does exist and development continues on the project, an anonymous Japanese developer for Sony told Kotaku at the Tokyo Game Show.

"I give you my word that it exists," said the developer. "We are working on it."

The developer's comments come amidst growing concern that the PS3 game may never see the light of day.

The developer added the game is a "very ambitious project", and suggested it was announced too early. The dev also explained that "there are lots of pieces of the puzzle," and that "it's a matter of getting them to fit together". Analysis

We still reckon The Last Guardian may end up on Sony's next console or, much like Shadow of the Colossus on PS2, may be one of the last great PS3 titles.

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They've had 4 bad years and now they have new leadership, are slimming down the company and moving production to cheaper countries. Philips and other tech companies are in the same position.
Posted 16:44 on 20 September 2012
Woffls's Avatar


Sony are slowly going out of business, and have been for a while. They are, at least, trying to downsize and drop some tech lines, but those individual units are still taking the same approach they always have.

Until Sony Corp stops breathing down the necks of the likes of SCE, they just won't be competitive any more.
Posted 15:53 on 20 September 2012
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ pblive

Have you seen how much they are losing and their business decisions at the moment???

I think there is a high chance they will go under in 3-5 years, that's why I'm hesitant in getting a PS4.

Can see myself going PC next gen anyway.
Posted 12:34 on 20 September 2012

pblive@ rbevanx

I very much doubt Sony would go under, if they got in trouble then they may ditch the console and do a Sega, but then the same could be said of any console manufacturer if their console doesn't manage to make enough money back from software sales.

The main reason it wouldn't come to PS4 is if the architecture of the new console was vastly different, as it would require a complete re-write of the code.
Posted 12:31 on 20 September 2012
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ Woffls

I think Sony will go under by then so I would rather see it now or a launch PS4 game.

It's had a terrible development as well so it wouldn't surprise it's released all over the shop like GT5 was.
Posted 11:36 on 20 September 2012
Woffls's Avatar


I hope it's a PS4 title now, otherwise it's going to be at the tail end of PS3 and not get much attention. They've not been able to say that it's a PS3 title, and they started reworking on it at some point, so that indicates PS4 to me.

If it is a PS4 title, then hopefully it won't be released until a year or so into the cycle when Sony have sold more than like six PS4s - it would be a shame to see a game so expensive to make sell under a million.
Posted 11:26 on 20 September 2012

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