The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Trailers & Videos for PS3

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Extended Play

Martin leads Neon on an epic quest to build a home... with murderous results.

8 Publish date 07 Sep 2012 at 10:08am

Dawnguard - Official Trailer

The official trailer for Dawnguard, the first game add-on for Skyrim.

3 Publish date 31 May 2012 at 3:31pm

Update 1.5 Trailer

A sneak peek at the new kill cameras for ranged and magic attacks.

1 Publish date 15 Mar 2012 at 7:32pm

Game of the Year 2011 - No.3

Emily, Martin, Tom P, Tom and Jamin talk about getting lost in Skyrim and tell their Lydia tales.

Publish date 12 Jan 2012 at 11:06am

Extended Play

Pearson and Emily solve the mysteries of Skyrim; uncovering secrets, discovering rare gems, and testing the durability of horses.

4 Publish date 11 Nov 2011 at 12:16pm

Character Creation

Which character do we create? We show you all the races before deciding on our favourite.

1 Publish date 10 Nov 2011 at 1:00pm

First 10 Minutes

The opening of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, played on an Xbox 360.

Publish date 10 Nov 2011 at 1:00pm

The Animation of Skyrim Trailer

The explosive magic spells and brutal combat of Skyrim is highlighted in this animation showcase.

Publish date 09 Nov 2011 at 4:28pm

The World of Skyrim Trailer

A sneak peek at the world and characters of Skyrim.

Publish date 08 Nov 2011 at 5:47pm

Game Stats

Release Date: 11/11/2011
Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Genre: RPG
No. Players: One
Rating: BBFC 15
Site Rank: 585 12
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