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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion screenshot
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion screenshot

According to a Eurogamer Denmark source, a direct sequel to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is currently in development.

According to Eurogamer Denmark Editor Kristian West, the source revealed that the game will feature the "Dragon Lord" and "The Blades", with voice actors to begin recording for the game in the coming weeks.

No further information was given. Analysis

Bethesda Game Studios has made no secret of the fact it's working on a new game, but has been keeping its identity under wraps.

Back in August, producer Todd Howard revealed that his studio's new game is already in an advanced stage and that the gap between reveal and release would be a short one.

"From when you first hear about it to when it's out will be the shortest it's been for us. It's pretty far along. When we show it, we want to show a lot, because there's a lot of game there to play right now," he explained.

There's a huge audience waiting for the sequel, with Oblivion having sold over three million copies as of January 2007.

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User Comments

Woffls's Avatar


It'll be co-op, but hopefully that doesn't mean there will be a party system. I don't want a party with me all the time. I expect it will just be all like "Yo dawg you wanna raid this tomb with me?" "Sure bro, but enemies will be stronger remember lolk?". And everyone lives happily ever after as long as they get the same loot at the end.
Posted 17:47 on 24 November 2010
omfg-bbq's Avatar


According to gamespot the game will feature multiplayer or co-op.
Posted 17:23 on 24 November 2010
p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Why won't this come out already, I can't take the waiting anymore! Oblivion is one of my all time favorite games EVER.
Posted 18:07 on 23 November 2010
omfg-bbq's Avatar

omfg-bbq@ Mr_Ninjutsu

If they don't bring back the addoring fan I will get very annoyed and lets hope the gap has been spent updating or creating a brand new engine.
Posted 17:58 on 23 November 2010
Woffls's Avatar


I hope not. I like stairs; they're nice and predictable.
Posted 17:56 on 23 November 2010
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar


I can't wait for this, IV was brill. Lol anyone think they will have ladders this time around?
Posted 17:44 on 23 November 2010


(I prepare for the angry responces)

I didn't enjoy Elder Scrolls IV at all, so I hope this is an improvement.
Posted 17:39 on 23 November 2010
RSHunter's Avatar


Epic. Oblivion was such a sweeeeeet game.
Posted 17:22 on 23 November 2010
Wido's Avatar


:excited: Oblivion was awesome. I have been craving for another adventure within the Elder Scrolls universe.
Posted 16:41 on 23 November 2010
KrazyFace's Avatar


Why don't they just give it over to Obsidian so they can feck it up like they did New Vegas style!!! I sware Bethesda did that on purpose just to make the point that they were the better team for the job. Sorry, umm, back on topic...

Yeah, I spent so long in Cyrodil I swear my ears got a bit pointy! More of that please.
Posted 15:32 on 23 November 2010
Woffls's Avatar


HHHNNNGGGGG >_< Can't waaaiiittttt. Does this tie in with any VGA announcement rumours? I don't care much for the mythology in IV, but I want to be in a world like Cyrodil again because it was awesome.
Posted 13:39 on 23 November 2010

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