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Welcome to the Rumour mill,'s run-down of the big rumours currently doing the rounds in the video game industry. Every week we'll hunt down the juiciest stories and give our opinion on how legit they are. So, whether you want the ridiculous or the plausible, read on.

Xbox 540 coming in 2009

xbox 360 elite -

The Rumour: A new Xbox will arrive in 2009, sporting a new system-on-a-chip design and a smaller chassis.

Verdict: The whole concept of an Xbox 540 is completely untrue. There simply won't be a new Xbox console in 2009, but there will likely to be a new revision thanks to the so called Valhalla chip that will combine much of the Xbox 360 hardware into one chip. If so, it'll still carry the Xbox 360 name but, like the Core, Arcade and Elite, have a sub name. We're guessing on it being called the Xbox 360 Micro. So, it's a no to the Xbox 540, but a very possibly yes to a smaller model Xbox 360.

Plausibility rating: 1/5

Xbox 360 successor in 2010

xbox 3601 -

The Rumour Microsoft's next console will hit stores in 2010 and allow gamers to carry their gamerscore over from the Xbox 360.

Verdict: This comes from the pages of US magazine Game Informer, in which the editors think that the next Xbox will arrive in 2010. There seems to be no evidence to back up these thoughts, but the date sounds about right. It also makes sense for MS to allow gamers to carry over their profile from the Xbox 360 as the Gamerscore system has been one of the console's biggest success stories. A five year life-span for the 360 is a year longer than the original Xbox and this time MS might even support the 360 once its successor is on the market.

Plausibility rating: 4/5

MGS4 DLC coming in July and August

mgs4p3004 -

The Rumour: PS3Blog claims to have been told about DLC coming to Metal Gear Solid 4. What's more, it's set for July and August this year. It's said to be DLC for MGS4 and doesn't mention Metal Gear Online.

Verdict: As the site's owner and article's author points out: "You're gonna have to take this with a huge grain of salt, but feel free to debate and discuss the worthiness of this rumour." So, we're going to say a yes to DLC, but we can't be sure on the July and August dates. We don't expect new missions to the main campaign, but new costumes and items. The bulk of DLC will be for Metal Gear Online.

Plausibility rating: 3/5

Killer Instinct - 3D: Death! Destruction! Doom!

killerinstinct -

Rumour: A journalist taking a tour of Rare's UK office spotted what appeared to be confirmation of KI3. A piece of paper pinned to a wall read: "Finishing move Picture in Picture cameras - still have issues with framing the key anims in 3+ player matches when someone is eliminated. ALL ARTISTS should be using the same Depths and field of view settings!" Under the text are two images of the supposed game.

Verdict: Why would such a thing be so clearly visible on a day journalists were known to be taking a tour of the building? We're going to say that this is typical Rare and the British developer is just having a bit of a laugh at our expense. For now this is bogus.

Plausibility rating: 1/5

Have you heard something we haven't? Let us know in the comments section below.

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It's a bit like telling the press that a game used the full 16 million colour pallete then laughing with his programmer mates that it actually used 15,453.
Posted 15:06 on 14 May 2008
Mumsy's Avatar
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If Rare is having as laugh at our expense, its not very funny...

"Finishing move Picture in Picture cameras - still have issues with framing the key anims in 3+ player matches when someone is eliminated. ALL ARTISTS should be using the same Depths and field of view settings!"

Lol? I think not...
Posted 14:23 on 14 May 2008


New Xbox successor in 2010? MS have just said that their console will last at least 7 years before a successor. Try 2013 at the earliest.

What about the rumour that Nintendo spend 10 minutes at the start of the day laughing at pictures of the Xbox 360 and PS3? ;)
Posted 13:24 on 14 May 2008
Machetazo's Avatar


Re: Your new Killer Instinct rumour:
The images are KI/Gold promotional renders. If you need proof of that, Google is your friend. :)
Posted 11:38 on 14 May 2008
OBSoLeeT's Avatar
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I say Bring back KI!.
Posted 11:15 on 14 May 2008

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