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Tom Orry, Editor - New Star Soccer, iOS

smartfooty newstarsoccer -

An awful lot happens during a week of New Star Soccer. I transferred to Spurs in a move that I could refuse, and from then on I've become something of a star. I won the Champions League with Spurs during my first season, but that was countered somewhat by slipping up in the last two games to slip down to second in the Premier League. Still, I established myself as an England regular and have had offers coming in from all over the world.

I chose to stay at Spurs as I felt I still had unfinished business at the club. My focus was the league, which the team managed to win after turning around a fairly ropey opening few games. The season was made all the better by a stunning comeback in the final of the Champions League, making it a superb double winning season.

I felt it was time to move on, and a high salary offer from Barcelona was too good to refuse. Sadly, I tried to negotiate a better contract and in turn found myself in the manager's bad books, meaning I've spent most of the early part of the season on the bench. Still, I've just bought a private island. Things could be worse.

@4ndySpence is mad keen about the FIFA 12 tournament in the office next week. I think he believes he's going to win

Neon Kelly, Deputy and Features Editor - The Great Gatsby, Browser Game

Have you read The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald? It's a classic American novel – one that frequently crops up on those "Best Books of All Time Ever" lists. There's a fairly dreadful-looking film adaptation on the way from Baz Luhrmann, and there's also an experimental theatre project – currently in London – that tells the book's story in eight hours.

And now there's also a video game, playable in the link above. Gatsby's tale isn't the kind of thing that normally gets made into a game, but that's kind of the joke here: it's a call back to the days of the NES, a time when licensed tie-ins had virtually nothing to do with their source material. If you've read the book, it's well worth a gander; if not, it's best to steer clear – the between-level cutscenes will spoil the novel's bigger moments. In fact, the whole experience will probably put you off ever reading it – which would be shame, as it's a bonafide masterpiece.

David Scammell, Staff Writer - The Amazing Spider-Man, Xbox 360

The Amazing Spider-Man screenshot

I've become obsessed with snapping up hidden collectibles this week, devoting hours upon hours of playtime to The Amazing Spider-Man to hunt down every one of the game's 700 hidden comic book pages. Yes, you read that right: 700. 700 glowing comic pages littering the streets of Manhattan, and only three or four sound bites to accompany the collection of each one. "Huh, what's this?" Parker asks after picking up the four or five hundredth page. If you don't know by now, Spidey, then Lord help you.

Still though, if you can ignore the game's many distractions (and its rather weak opening), the crux of the game behind The Amazing Spider-Man has left me rather impressed. It's essentially a Spidey-flavoured twist on Batman: Arkham City, with similar combat and a lighter-hearted tone, and is a lot better than you might think. And if you like collectibles, you'll think it's a ruddy marvel.

Matthew Nellis, Video Producer - Dota 2, PC

Dota 2 screenshot

I would love to say that my past week has been spent playing the hot trendy "now" game Spelunky, but that would be a lie. Aside from a quick blast on 'Orcs Must Die! 2', each evening has been consumed with Dota 2 sessions with's own Martin Gaston.

My transition from League of Legends was initially extremely jarring; even though they are essentially the same game everything just seemed so... foreign. The colour palette was different, animations seemed slower, and the overall pace of the game just seem sluggish. Game by game I've been acclimatising, learning the range of characters, skills and items. I can safely say that I'm no longer the worst player on the team each game and find often myself taking the leader role, issuing orders when other players aimlessly wander around in during the mid game.

I'm definitely enjoying my time with Dota 2 a lot more than when I first started, but whether it'll completely replace League of Legends in the long run I'm not so sure. For now though, I'll just keep pushing mid for the win.

Brett Phipps, Intern - Football Manager 2012, PC

Football Manager 2012 screenshot

Sadly, during video gaming's summer lull, I have decided to re-enter the gaming abyss that is Football Manager. I have sunk countless hours into this series over the years, and it continues to eat into my evenings.

I have never been capable of taking a League Two nobody to the glories of the Champions League Final. Instead, I usually choose Manchester United and coach them to mediocrity.

I've just completed my first full season in charge, and despite going on a 10-game winning streak through the festive period and finishing third, the board are not happy. There's been a severe tightening of the purse strings in the transfer market, and demands for improvement. No pressure then.

On a more positive note, I was selected to coach Team GB at this summer's Olympics. Despite winning every game in our group, ending in a 4-1 thrashing of Uruguay, we were still drawn against favourites Brazil in the quarters. You can guess what happened...

Fingers crossed next season will be an improvement.

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User Comments

draytone's Avatar


No new games for me :( I've turned bf3 on a few times then turned it off again quite soon after. I've now put it on eBay for 99p. Think I'm going to rent Max Payne 3. I need some mindless fun to get me back enjoying my 360.
Posted 18:11 on 09 August 2012
Batmamerc's Avatar


Ass Creed Revelations this weekend getting extremely frustrated with how slow Ezio has got and how clumsy he is (ezio did not kill civilians! He does when ppl trip him up) but he's a great entrepreneur already bought every property, now on a mission for all landmarks then just gonna watch the money pour in.
Posted 09:05 on 06 August 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning had been sitting on my 'to get to' pile for too long, so this was its week to show me what's really under the bonnet after a quick first glimpse a few months back. 18 hours in and I've got the gist of it but at the same time I have a sense of still scratching the surface of something very, very deep in terms of how all the gemcrafting, potionmaking and blacksmithing skills mix in with the customisable (and reset at whim) ability/skill trees.

There's definitely no lack of things to pursue in this massive world, hit a difficulty spike in one quest chain and you don't even have to rethink your build much, just follow one of many other questlines you've got going at the same time and come back to flatten that spike later.

Full House Poker on XBLA has taken up all my other gaming time. I'm flying up the ranking leaderboards and gaining a major amout of XP in doing so, but it has to be said that an XP system that rewards a clever bit of folding favours my playing style, I'm a very patient player and it pays off here. Easily edges Test Drive Unlimited 2's Poker game in terms of being able to play as often and as quickly as you wish, just lacks that little spark of character that TDU's positive/negative emote system brings, all of FHP's emotes are neutral.
Posted 22:39 on 05 August 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar


Like Dave, I have been playing The Amazing Spider-Man, on and off. And I completely agree that the VA *could* have recorded a few extra lines for the collection of... well... everything that one may indeed collect!

I also picked up Risen 2: Dark Waters on Friday, but haven't had the opportunity to get too far in it. I am really liking it thus far, though. Yes, there is a bit of jank to the gameplay, the voice actors are cheesy, the script obviously written by a German team (Pirhana Bytes), and the graphics are hardly top notch value. But... the game has character and soul. Provisions don't automatically restore portions of health (measured in blood), but regen them slowly. The game features turkeys as a background animal, rather than the typical default of chickens - they say the devil is in the detail, and it is the little touched like that. Saying that, however, if only 'pieces of eight', or somesuch, served as the monetary system rather than 'gold coin'... It is a step away from the typical high fantasy setting fare, so it has that in its favour as well. I think I am really going to enjoy the experience, once I unlock a few more skills/weapons. Looking forward (albeit with some degree of trepidation) to the VG review...

Oh, and it also features monkeys, so gets the standard bonus points for that!
Posted 21:50 on 05 August 2012
Gollum_85's Avatar


Some Resistance 3 and Red Dead Redemption this week. It's starting to get slightly annoying how many Chimera try to kill me at the one time, while ignoring anyone else on my side. RDR is getting interesting now too since i've made it to Mexico.
Posted 20:25 on 05 August 2012
scaz2244's Avatar


With me buying the game of the year edition for fallout 3 im now negotiating the ghouls to live
In the tenpenny towers not looking good so far but still a great game
Posted 17:46 on 05 August 2012
MJTH's Avatar


GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas. I started off with 3 and thought it was bit monotinous at first but about halfway it was getting particularily fun... but then I play vice city which was just better and didn't go back. Vice city is great and the inclusion of a lock on system was needed after 3. Also the vibrant colour scheme was a great contrast to the old art syle. I've gotten about half way and got stuck in a mansion attack mission so I started playing san andreas to relieve some stress... but then I realised it's just better so I can't go back now. I would of gone back to VC at first because GTA:SA was suffering from alot of frame rate problems, but then I found out that I had to turn off the FPS limiter in the advance graphics menu. And suddenly I was hooked. That world is sooo big, I've only just made it to san ferriro (san fransisco), and the game tells me I'm only around 30% through :D
Posted 11:51 on 05 August 2012
rbevanx's Avatar


The Great Gatsby game now that really is random, but mind you I felt the PS1 era at one point was similar to the 8 bit era where anything would be made into a game.

Been playing Max Payne 3 which I haven't been that fussed so far on.
Crysis 1 I'm still playing and just don't get why the franchise is so loved personally.
Posted 09:29 on 05 August 2012

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