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Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix screenshot
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix screenshot

European PS3 fans are still no closer to knowing when they'll be able to play stupendous downloadable fighting game Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix after both Capcom and Sony were today unable to offer any update on the game's release.

SSF2THDR, released across all territories on Xbox LIVE on November 26, is available to download on the US PlayStation store, but has so far mysteriously not appeared on the EU PlayStation store.

When asked for an update, Capcom told this afternoon: "There's nothing to say till we make an official announcement."

And Sony Computer Entertainment Europe was also unable to suggest a date. When asked if it had any idea when the game would be appearing on the European PlayStation store, a representative told us: "We don't get told about 3rd party releases until it's live."

While no explanation for the delay has been offered, it may have something to do with certification problems. Games sent to Sony Computer Entertainment for certification need to be granted approval from each territory individually, and SCEE is considered among the most strict when it comes to this process.

PS3 owners are clearly missing out. We gave the Xbox LIVE Arcade version a well deserved 9/10 in our review.

As always, we'll keep you posted on any developments.

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Wipeout HD, Super Street Figher 2 all delayed, and they throw out Street figher aplha, these guys can suck my hairy balls, always up to no good
Posted 13:17 on 13 January 2009
psiberman's Avatar
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I've just ordered a PSN Network Card from ebay to get around this Entropay barring malarkey. I've been looking forward to this game for ages and then they pull this crap. Im getting more and more disillusioned with Sony. I feel let down. theres no way Microsoft should have been able to get such a foothold in the market given Sonys dominance with PS1 and PS2.
Posted 10:51 on 23 December 2008
neil's Avatar
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if only some kind yank would pass me his credit card details ....... lol
Posted 16:06 on 16 December 2008
neil's Avatar
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if you are already an existing entro pay user then download from US store, however sony has changed there payment methods so new entro pay users can not purchase from US store as i discovred. Arrrrrrrrggggghh come on SCEE get your act together and release the damn game. SF4 will be out before we know it!
Posted 16:04 on 16 December 2008
nas's Avatar
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Certification? As in age requirements? Damn it, I'm over 18, I don't care what the rating turns out to be, I'm eligible to play no matter what, so hurry up and get this game out now so I can give you my money and start playing the only game I've been looking forward to all year.
Posted 03:56 on 14 December 2008
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Great comment from monkeyo - did the same thing right now. You know, this is not only a problem in the UK, but the whole region. Thank you for the advice!

- Add a user on the PS3 somewhere in the states
- go to and create a virtual Visa card (never heard of that before, but seems trustworthy
- transfer from your normal credit card to that new account
- write down the details of the new card
- update the information on the PSN US user
- transfer funds to the PSN account
- download the game
- play street fighter

Thanks again to monkeyo!
Posted 21:21 on 11 December 2008
monkeyo's Avatar
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I'm a U.K. PS3 owner, and I bought Street Fighter HD from the American Playstation Store. Set up a new account with an American address (a fake one will do) and pay with an EntroPay account. It cost me about £10, which is probably less than it will be when it's released here!

I would encourage all U.K. PS3 owners to do the same to teach Sony a lesson!
Posted 12:58 on 11 December 2008
multipleGames's Avatar
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if this is the only reason u dropped cash on a ps3, ur a numbnut...
Posted 06:00 on 11 December 2008
stoltobot's Avatar
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I live in Japan and I have a Jap and Australian PSN membership and I still can't get it, even in JAPAN!! What the hell is going on? I bought a PS3 in anticipation of this and now I am wondering if I should just go and lay down 20 000 yen on an XBOX. My XBOX live name would be


actually I think I might put that on a shirt
Posted 05:43 on 11 December 2008
mhemm's Avatar
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Posted 22:15 on 10 December 2008

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