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Super Street Fighter IV screenshot
Super Street Fighter IV screenshot

I have a tight circle of friends who know how to play Street Fighter. I mean know. We take it in turns to play host to tournaments (money may or may not exchange hands) that last long into the night and sometimes, long into the morning. The victor - he who wins ten matches in a row - walks away with more than just the knowledge that he is the best. He walks away with the respect of his peers. This, in all things competitive, is the holy grail. Well, that, and the humiliating PERFECT!

So, when Super Street Fighter IV arrived at the office, it was time to sound the call. But there would be no tournament. There would be no competitiveness. Only excited grown men huddled around a television, exploring the joys of ten new characters, new Ultras, and the intricacies of a slightly rebalanced fighting system.

This, in a nutshell, is why Super Street Fighter IV is so anticipated among fans. Ten new characters to master. Loads of new combos to learn. A raft of new strategies to perfect. And spectacular new Ultras to explore. The beautiful new fighting stages, new online game modes, and new animated movies are, in truth, a bonus - secondary to the primary pleasure the core gameplay provides.

We began our first tentative steps with SSFIV not trying out the new characters, but exploring old favourites. I headed straight to Guile - I'd heard he'd been ever so slightly tweaked to make him more powerful, and as an old school fan of the spiky-haired US army general, I needed to know. It's true: he's now even better. His pressure mix up game - so good in past Street Fighters - is reborn. His crouching medium punch is now easier to link from, enabling some great poke, Sonic Boom, tick throw mix ups. Unfortunately, his Overhead Kick doesn't hit high - as it did in Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD, but he still has a dirty towards medium punch that does the job almost as well.

Super Street Fighter IV screenshot

Guile's biggest weakness, however, was his Ultra - the Flash Kick Explosion looks the business, but it's about as useful as a paper boat in the middle of the ocean. Because it's extremely difficult to combo into, Guile's Ultra goes largely untouched. No more. Welcome, Guile fans, to the Sonic Hurricane.

The Sonic Hurricane (charge back, forward, back, forward and all three punches), is lifted straight out of Guile's Marvel vs. Capcom incarnation, and spits out a vortex Sonic Boom that stays close to Guile for a few seconds, damaging anyone silly enough to jump into it. Finally, he has an Ultra worth the complex command input, and it can be more easily comboed into from the Double Flash.

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User Comments

Get2DaChoppa's Avatar


I'm glad i resisted buying SF4, now that money can go to SF4.5, loved the original. Sagat is my go to guy, don't know if that makes me a noob, probably. Maybe find a new favourite. Not sure of i'd ever use 'Major' Guile.
Posted 12:57 on 22 March 2010
Endless's Avatar


Unfortunately i probably won't be able to get it day one, but as soon as CEX have it there's £40 of credit to be spent on this very game. I should probably play the original to get properly used to the FightPad I obtained entirely too late for either of the tourneys.
Posted 12:31 on 22 March 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Don't worry, I'm probably worse than you pb.
For all the gaming I do, I'm not very good :( :p
Posted 08:19 on 22 March 2010


Anyone would think Wes actually likes Street Fighter...

Good preview there, can't wait to see the finished game even if I confess I still mostly suck at Street Fighter IV.
Posted 08:18 on 22 March 2010
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ wyp100

Guile is officially a Major. Day 1 purchase for me!
Posted 08:16 on 22 March 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Posted 08:14 on 22 March 2010
guyderman's Avatar

guyderman@ Vyris

Vyris - you are 100% correct about how many years it would take to become a General (in real life!) - and you are correct Guile is a Major in the US Airforce!

Edited - as I read it wrong! Hey it is Monday morning!
Posted 08:10 on 22 March 2010
wyp100's Avatar

wyp100@ Vyris

Hey man, what can I say? In my mind, he's a general :)
Posted 08:08 on 22 March 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Definitely getting this game.
I can't wait for all of the VG nights we could have with this piece of awesomeness!
Posted 07:52 on 22 March 2010
Vyris's Avatar


Guile is in the Air Force, that's why he fights on airstrips. But aside from that you seriously think he is a General? You know how many years it takes to get that rank? He would have to be in his mid 50's. He is probably Major at best.
Posted 02:55 on 22 March 2010
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Day 1 purchase for me, i dont know what system for either. I know a VG tournament will happen like last year and i am NOT missing it like last time.

Question Wes, what changes did you notice with Fei Long? That's if you played as him.
Posted 01:57 on 22 March 2010

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