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Street Fighter X Tekken is finally here, earning an impressive score of 8/10 in our review. But as Capcom and Namco's iconic fighters clash for the first time, there are lots of new systems and mechanics to learn.

Not sure who to pick? Can't tell your Cross Rush from your Cross Assault? Have no fear – we've gathered advice from the gaming grandmaster behind it all, Yoshinori Ono. Read on to hear his five pointers on how to get started.

1. Don't treat it like a pure Street Fighter title (or a pure Tekken game)

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"It's like Street Fighter, but it's not Street Fighter. It's like Tekken, but it's not Tekken," explains Ono. "That would be the best way to describe the game. We tried to take the best points and essence from both franchises and mold them together as seamlessly as possible. So we couldn't just take the characters from both franchises and transplant them into each other's game; we had to create a brand new game where they could both co-exist as equals, and the final result is the festival of Street Fighter X Tekken as you see it today."

Naturally this is primarily Capcom's game, so Street Fighter veterans are likely to feel at home before their Tekken-based counterparts.

"Tekken players might feel a bit out of place when they pick up their characters in Street Fighter X Tekken for the first time. This is because the game engine is something brand new, so of course the movement, flow, and nuances of the characters will feel different for the first 10 or so minutes.

"However we feel that from the 11th minute onward, Tekken players will be able to see how the characters still carry the same essence, even in a new game system. Tekken players will also be able to rely on a lot of the same 4 button combos, as well as stance change commands for their characters, as we tried to make the transition process as smooth as possible. So it's really all about getting used to the new engine, and that shouldn't take more than 10 minutes."

2. Learn how to Cross Rush first, and work from there

Street Fighter X Tekken screenshot

Okay, you've accepted the fact that the game is half Street Fighter, half Tekken. You're now faced with a great swathe of mechanics to learn. So, which is the most important technique to learn first?

"It's definitely the Cross Rush," says Ono. "As a universal combo that all characters share, it forms the basis of the tag battle system. It is pretty simple to execute; just press Light, Medium, Heavy, Heavy, and you can do it. Hopefully this simple command will also make the game more accessible for newcomers as well, and the fact that it looks pretty cool doesn't hurt either."

After you've mastered the Cross Rush, you can move onto the game's other mechanics. In the long run, you'll need to learn them all.

"The most important thing is to utilise all of the fighting mechanics we've put into the game equally. Cross Rush, Switch Cancels, Charge Moves, EX Moves, Super Arts, Cross Arts, Cross Assault, these are just some of the things we have implemented into the system for players to learn, and they all play a role within the greater strategy of the game. So of course learning your combos and spacing is important, but to really achieve the highest level of play in this game, you will need to master all of the options available to you.

"We hope this will lead to a lot of research and time spent figuring out strategies on the players' side."

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Endless's Avatar


Wow, Ono-san's English has really improved of late! ;)

It's good to see them putting so much effort into making sure people have as much help to get to grips with the game as they can. There's certainly a LOT to learn!

Come tomorrow I'll hopefully be duke-ing it our with my copy of the game, so feel free to hit me up for some battles! :)
Posted 13:05 on 08 March 2012

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