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Star Wars 1313 screenshot
Star Wars 1313 screenshot

Video game graphics will reach the point of being indistinguishable from reality in just ten years, Industrial Light and Magic's Kim Libreri has told CVG (via Develop).

Libreri is the visual effects supervisor on Star Wars 1313.

"It's an interesting time because with modern computer graphics hardware, the way it's going, it's going to be pretty hard to tell the difference between something that is interactive and rendered in real-time, and something that was done for an animated TV show, or even live action," said Libreri.

"Ten years from now, I'm pretty sure if you extrapolate where we've gone with the console generations and the changes in video and ATI hardware, we're getting to the point right now where we're matching the quality of an animated movie from seven or eight years ago.

"Another ten years from now, it's going to be indistinguishable from reality."

Star Wars 1313 wowed many at E3 in June, so much so that some believed it would be a next generation title. Analysis

Once video game visuals catch up with reality, God will have to upgrade his graphics card in order to pull ahead once again.

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tvr77's Avatar

tvr77@ Batmamerc

I agree, i never thought about it from that angle. The same could also be said about the very real looking special effects in movies and tv which obviously look more like real life than video games do.

Edit: but i suppose video games have the person much more involved than simply watching a screen and having no control over the outcome.
Posted 15:49 on 07 August 2012
Batmamerc's Avatar


The more realistic games look the more developers are going to have to censor the violence, parents and anti gamers are not going to accept running someone over or blowing there head off if it looks real, would be cool but it won't happen games need to look like games and not real life for that reason and many others, psychologically the lesser minded players could struggle to perceive fiction from reality, some already do according to critics against videogames.
Posted 09:06 on 07 August 2012
rbevanx's Avatar


We pretty much have mannerisms and movements sorted in videogames which I think is one of the biggest obstacles to start with.
I just can't see games being indistinguishable in ten years time, maybe to a level of the blockbusters now like Transformers but that still looks computer generated to me.
Posted 17:38 on 06 August 2012
tvr77's Avatar


I always thought than one day video games characters etc would evolve to look like real life and maybe even as far as being similar to watching tv. When we look back at Sega Master System days and compare it to present day its really not that hard to believe, but i do agree with MJTH's last sentence.
Posted 14:59 on 06 August 2012
MJTH's Avatar


Photo realism in games will possible already but I doubt videogames will be able to fully cross the uncanny valley in the future. Looking realistic is one thing but acting, sounding, and animating will take much longer then ten years.
Posted 14:40 on 06 August 2012

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