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Sports Champions Review for PS3

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A collection of sports including Table Tennis and Gladiator Duel.

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Sports Champions screenshot
Sports Champions screenshot

Table Tennis is a tricky one. The movement of your paddle in the game is excellent, with the angle determining the spin applied to your shots, but it's also incredibly easy to hit the ball when your intention is to just move the racket into position. It's also much harder to get into than Wii Sports Tennis. The one-to-one movement of the paddle in relation to the Move controller is great, and no doubt this why the sport was picked for the compilation, but it's simply not as instantly playable as casual gamers would want.

Last and definitely least is the dud of the group, Volleyball. Here you control your arms using single or dual Move controllers, but everything feels far too scripted, with you simply moving the controllers at the right time. It's hard to understand why this is in here instead of something like baseball, bowling or tennis.

Each of these sports can be played alone, with friends, or in a Champions Cup against a series of increasingly tough opponents. Complete this cup and you'll unlock a challenge mode for that sport, which is essentially a set of mini-games built around the event's mechanics. There are leaderboards for each event and items to unlock, but that's your lot. If playing alone you'll grow tired of the events fairly quickly, but the multiplayer options should make this one of the most popular Move titles.

Visually Sports Champions uses a realistic style, but with characters that are caricatures of real people. They are exaggerated in terms of their design and animations, which is fine in the more exciting sports but somewhat odd when they're involved in a fairly peaceful game of Bocce. Thankfully there's no annoying announcer to worry about, and you can play your own music if you want.

As an example of the kind of control Move is going to allow in future titles, Sports Champions is easily the best of the launch line-up, but compared to the obvious competition (Wii Sports Resort) it's lacking content. It's still the best of Sony's initial Move titles, but it needed a handful more well-realised sports in order to be classed as a great game.

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User Comments

RebelRose32's Avatar


I got the move bundle plus a controller and I do have to admit it is easier with 2 controllers with some of the games in the Sports Champion game, playing this game in multiplayer mode is just alot of fun and you can play for hours I have a family of 5 and the only reason we stopped is because we were tired! I have played the Wii before and I would have to say that I am sorry but this blows the Wii away graphics for 1 by far way better, and with this there is no just moving your hand around and your "character" does what you want, with the move you acually have to "move" your character does exactly what you do. I do have to agree with you Tom on the best game on Sports Champion is the Disk Golf after we sent our kids to bed my husband and I stayed up for hours playing the games again and kept going back to the Disk golf. I think Sony did a great job with this and in my opionion I give it thumbs up :)
Posted 23:32 on 20 September 2010
MJTH's Avatar


Great review Tom, but from what you are making out to me I get the feeling that out of the 6 sports, 5 are like or even 5 in wii sports/ resort and the only one that isn't is unlikable. Still this isn't really a problem if thay are fun but on thing confused me...

.... If many of the sports needed two move-remotes to play, those that mean you need four for 2 player?
Posted 20:17 on 01 September 2010
SexyJams's Avatar


Yay, a good Move game.
I suppose Start The Party or whatever was technically a good game, but after reading this review and watching that one, this looks a hell of a lot better.
Posted 19:28 on 01 September 2010
Karlius's Avatar


I've been hearing good things about this game! Nice review and this could be the best move launch party game.
Posted 15:28 on 01 September 2010
Rickitis's Avatar


Good review, I think I might pick this up later this year in the starter pack with the camera and one controller. I don’t think I’ll end up playing it much but should be fun with other people.
Posted 15:16 on 01 September 2010

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Sports Champions
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Sports Champions
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