Sonic The Hedgehog screenshot
Sonic The Hedgehog screenshot

Speaking in an interview with GameDaily, Sega of America's VP of Marketing, Scott Steinberg, has been outlining the company's release schedule for the next-gen consoles.

Firstly, Steinberg discussed the PlayStation 3, which will see Sonic the Hedgehog and Full Auto 2 shipping at the launch of the console. Virtua Fighter 5 will ship in March the following year. Of these titles, Full Auto 2 and Virtua Fighter 5 are PlayStation 3 exclusives, but this could change. Asked about whether Full Auto 2 would find its way onto Xbox 360, Steinberg said: "We haven't announced a 360 SKU, so we're exclusive on the PS3 right now."

For the Wii SEGA has Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz lined up for the console's launch, with Sonic Wild Fire expected to ship around March 2007. The interview ended with the obligatory 'What about Shenmue III?' question, to which Steinberg gave no firm answer.

"I really can't answer that, although I will say that we look very closely at our IP... when we started to re-launch the company, part of our mission is to look at our library of IP and be real selective and smart about which ones we bring out, which ones are "next-genable" and creatively that we bring something new to the table with them."

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mike_mgoblue@ mike_mgoblue

Sonic the Hedgehog is also going to be on the Xbox 360; the article makes that very clear. Sonic the Hedgehog was shown on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 at the E3, and the two versions were nearly identical.
Posted 07:41 on 04 July 2006
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In the interview, you can read that Mr. Steinburg of Sega actually [laughs] while being interviewed. The interview clearly indicates that Full Auto 2 is coming to the Xbox 360, but Mr. Steinburg is not permitted to say so at this point in time. The same is true about Virtua Fighter 5. The big difference will be that the Xbox 360 version of Virtua Fighter 5 will allow people to play against each other online, whereas the PS3 version doesn't allow online fighting.
Posted 07:38 on 04 July 2006

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