Sonic Generations screenshot
Sonic Generations screenshot

A demo for Sonic Generations will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN tomorrow (June 23rd), letting players sample the 'classic style' of the game's first act, Green Hill Zone, reports Andriasang

The demo is only available for a short time, however. After 20 days it will be removed from both stores, with the demo expiring.

This poses a problem for PS3 owners in Japan, where PSN has still not been restored. If the problem hasn't been remedied by July 12, the day the demo expires, Japanese PS3 owners will not get the opportunity to play it. Of course, SEGA could extend the life of the demo in Japan.

Sonic Generations celebrates 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog, letting players take control of classic 1991 Sonic as well as the lanky modern day hero he has become. SEGA has promised it'll deliver the 'definitive gaming experience' to Sonic fans old and new.

Sonic Generations releases November 11 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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reynoldio's Avatar




Had a quick play - it's one level of brilliant fun! It appeared a little staccato when moving quickly and there seemed to be a very slight lag on jumping, but I'm sure they'll iron all that out with that polish I hear people talk about. Unlike Sonic 4 this really feels like an updated Sonic from the MegaDrive days. Colour me happy!
Posted 17:37 on 23 June 2011
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


Couldn't care less and that's Team Sonic's fault for dragging up Sonic's battered blue corpse for countless crap sequels to a game that's 20 years old and holds no place in modern gaming. Nostalgia is fine, but until they develop a Sonic game that reflects 2011 as the original did 1991 I'm not bothered.

I'm not saying this isn't that game, but until reviews are posted and several people start singing it's praises I remain cold towards Sonic titles.
Posted 10:17 on 23 June 2011
87Sarah's Avatar

87Sarah@ reynoldio

Same. I'm excited but expecting disappointment as I've been disappointed with the Sonic games for a few years now :(
Posted 20:42 on 22 June 2011
Wido's Avatar


If so, I wouldn't be able to download the demo till this weekend!
Posted 20:27 on 22 June 2011
Woffls's Avatar


yayyyy :D Won't be able to play it until Friday, but it'll probably take that long to download on this Wifi ¬______________¬
Posted 19:41 on 22 June 2011
reynoldio's Avatar


Talking of excitement... I couldn't be any more for this game. It really does look like a proper Sonic game. Even though it does look amazing I'm still fully expecting disappointment, shame really.
Posted 18:05 on 22 June 2011
TOMBOY25's Avatar


Hello everyone – Wednesday comes once more and once more we provide you with a hearty stew of gaming goodness.

Speed freak will be happy this week, as not only do we have a Sonic Generations demo for you, (although you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to snag it)

taken from EU PSBLOG
Posted 15:55 on 22 June 2011

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