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SOCOM: Special Forces screenshot
SOCOM: Special Forces screenshot

"Exclusives are what give the hardware their identity," SOCOM: Special Forces lead designer Travis Steiner has told

The Zipper Interactive man feels that without exclusives things would be rather generic.

"Exclusives are what give the hardware their identity," Steiner said. "It's the brands, right? Ultimately hardware is important, but the hardware developers and the brands - PlayStation, or the other ones - are really defined by the exclusive titles. Without that, everything would be lost in a sea of... being generic, if you will."

Steiner believes that multi-platform development means studios can't take full advantage of every system.

"I also think that multi-platform games sometimes have to make sacrifices to work for either platform, whereas we have the advantage of knowing the target hardware we're making the game for. In the end result, you get better quality by making it specifically for one piece of hardware."

What's a good example of this then? Apparently the texture resolution in SOCOM.

"A good example, look at the texture resolution in SOCOM," Steiner added. "You look at the textures and the high fidelity graphics... doing multi-platform, that attention to detail on graphical quality would suffer. The final quality is better for being very focused on particular hardware."

SOCOM: Special Forces will be released on April 21.

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guyderman's Avatar

guyderman@ Endless

In an ideal world what you say would be perfect! but in that world I also don't have to pay £1.38 per litre of petrol - we don't live in an ideal world - so once again I stand by my statement that at this moment in time and probably forever more Exclusives are not irrelevant!
Posted 08:48 on 16 April 2011
Endless's Avatar

Endless@ guyderman

Exclusives should be non-existant. People shouldn't need to buy more than one console. Thats my point. PC Software developers develop for hundreds of thousands of configurations.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo created the console wars, not us. Things like DirectX allow PC developers to create games for a vast range of systems. To make a game for all 3 consoles you have to create 3 separate games because the architectures have been diversified intentionally. Sooner or later this is going to be a bigger problem than now, developers wont be able to afford to make a game for all the consoles, there'll be more exclusives until developers have to pick one platform and stick with it. Then the platforms that get the lesser developers eventually dies off.

From a developer point of view, the people that make these consoles worth having in the first place, imagine if it didn't matter which console someone bought, they still had access to your game at no additional cost to you. You only had to make the game once. Publish it on a single media. Imagine how many more games you could make. How much better you could make them. How much more additional content you could create. How much cheaper games might be for consumers to buy.
Posted 20:20 on 15 April 2011
guyderman's Avatar


Really - Exclusives aren't irrelevant are they? Otherwise why would people buy more than one console - I know I bought a PS3 after I already owned a 360 because I wanted to play the likes of Killzone, Uncharted, Motorstorm, Resistance etc. The same as I bought a Wii to play the likes of Mario and Zelda and the same as I know PS3 owners who bought a 360 to play Gears and Halo. So anyone thinking exclusives are irrelevant is just wrong!
What is irrelevant is people that keep bleating on about sales figures and who's winning 'THE CONSOLE WAR!' as lets face it none of them are going anywhere!
Posted 16:30 on 15 April 2011
MTMind2's Avatar

MTMind2@ Mastorofpuppetz

You're distorting the facts a little. Yes the 360 built up a lead because of a year head start, but the PS3 launch meant that lead was quickly reduced, and since about a year after the PS3 launch to today, the worldwide sales gap between 360 and PS3 has varied between about 3-5 million. So for the last 4 years, 360 and PS3 worldwide sales have remained about the same.

According to VGChartz, the gap between 360 and PS3 is currently 3.7m, and right now the PS3 is outselling the 360 worldwide by about 30,000 units a week, so at that rate it will take the PS3 about 2.5 years to catch up to the 360, i.e. the summer of 2013. I don't believe when the 360 and PS3 were offically announced at E3 2005, that anyone would have predicted it would take the PS3 8 YEARS to overtake the 360!

And of course it's not as simple as that, months from now the 360 and PS3 ww sales may be level again or the 360 may be ahead, the same pattern as the last 4 years.

Regarding exclusives, I've lost count of the number of exclusives over the years that gamers claimed will boost console sales ("Just wait until XXX is released...."), and yet those expected sales just didn't happen. Besides the usual holiday bump, the biggest boost to console sales this gen has actually been from price cuts and the introduction of slim models, and I don't see that trend changing any time soon.
Posted 07:36 on 15 April 2011
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Oh god, not you again.....
Posted 03:31 on 15 April 2011
Woffls's Avatar


Loading times, UI, connectivity, standards compliances, firmware updates, settings and options. It's a shame it has such terrible Bravia Sync compatibility, though.
Posted 22:31 on 14 April 2011
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar

Mr_Ninjutsu@ Woffls

I'm not arguing here but. It's a really good blueray player? It plays a blueray or it doesn't, how can you gauge on whether it's good or not?
Posted 22:26 on 14 April 2011
mikejosh1978's Avatar


Well so far the Ps3 exclusives have been lacking to say the least.Krillzone was pretty but flawed ,lbp was more just more of the same as 1 , Move Heroes isn't any good and Socom i'm afraid Zipper is looking Dated and the online is worse than Slant6's effort bar you can respawn. Hardware and exclusives do define the console of a gen and so far Zipper aren't using either anywhere near the potential.
Posted 22:10 on 14 April 2011
El-Dev's Avatar

El-Dev@ Endless

Unfortunately I think that theory is much better than the reality would actually be.
Posted 21:49 on 14 April 2011
Endless's Avatar

Endless@ El-Dev

No. What would happen would be that software developers would have the focus instead of hardware developers. What platform the game came out on would be inconsequential and everyone would just focus on the game itself and how much enjoyment they can get out of it. rather than which console it's on and how the game might different between them.

You dont get this with PC games and there are countless different spec PCs.
Posted 21:38 on 14 April 2011
El-Dev's Avatar


He's got a point, albeit a very obvious one and not very relevant to Zipper. I mean imagine E3 if all the companies had no exclusives to show, they'd all just be showing FPS and waggle games. As it is they'll be showing exclusive FPS or FPS DLC and exclusive waggle games.
Posted 21:18 on 14 April 2011
Woffls's Avatar

Woffls@ Mastorofpuppetz

Oh good lord. Do you just sit around waiting for me to say something negative about Sony? I own a PS3, it's a really good bluray player.

Other consoles are good as well. Deal with it.
Posted 21:15 on 14 April 2011
thompo555's Avatar

thompo555@ Woffls

I completely agree! I couldn't give a rat's arse about Killzone 3 or Gears of War but I will play Battlefield, Portal, Dirt and many others untill my eyes bleed.

Of course with there being so many Exclusives, the odds are that some will be good (Uncharted for example). So don't get at me for being a fanboy Mr. Mastorofpuppetz.
Posted 21:08 on 14 April 2011
Endless's Avatar


This is exactly what is wrong with the games industry right now. Too much focus on hardware not enough focus on software (games) hardware doesn't need an identity. It's only since the companies decided to put up their walled gardens and tie games to hardware that they feel they have to prove why X system is better and/or why they didn't go the same way as the other. We should forget that. Unfortunately the manufacturers make sure we cant, because the industry has grown to the point where making sure that everyone has your hardware in their home is the most important overriding factor in the industry. Money. Not making sure that everyone can play and experience some awesome games.
Posted 20:51 on 14 April 2011
dudester's Avatar


Your fan is back Woffls you silly 360 owner! :D
Posted 20:27 on 14 April 2011

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