Saints Row 4: How The Saints Save Christmas Trailer

The Saints return to save Santa from the simulation in Saints Row 4's latest DLC.

Publish date Dec 11

Saints Row 4: Dev Diary #2 What Happens in Space...

This week's exclusive "behind the scenes" video will centre on the story and the endless possibilities inside the game.

Publish date Aug 12 2013

Saints Row 4 Extended Play

Matt and Simon explore the alien-infested version of Steelport. Saints Row is back, but is it worth another visit?

Publish date Aug 12 2013

Saints Row 4: Inauguration Trailer

Create your own president to import into the main game in this free downloadable add-on.

Publish date Aug 6 2013

Saints Row 4: Hail to the Chief #3: Weapon of Mass Abduction

Ever wanted to have that one specific parking spot but it's been taken by someone else?

Publish date Jul 24 2013

Saints Row 4: Gat is Back Trailer

Johnny Gat makes his comeback - in the nude.

Publish date Jul 17 2013

Saints Row 4: Independence Day Trailer

Aliens, The White House and text adventures: All that's missing is Will Smith.

Publish date Jul 3 2013

Saints Row 4: E3 Demo Gameplay Walkthrough

Senior producer Jim Boone walks us through Saints Row 4's E3 2013 demo. Expect dubstep, swears, and super hero surprises.

Publish date Jun 28 2013

Saints Row 4: War For Humanity Trailer

Aliens, pimps and Keith David: see the latest trailer for Saints Row 4.

Publish date Jun 6 2013

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