Saints Row 2 screenshot
Saints Row 2 screenshot

Saints Row 3 will be released this autumn, publisher THQ confirmed during an overnight earnings call (listened to by Eurogamer).

"In the Fall, we plan to launch the latest instalment of our Saints Row franchise, which we view as a significant growth driver in fiscal 2012.

"Volition is setting a new bar for this outstanding franchise and we look forward to unveiling this game in the near future."

Asked for more info on the title, Farrell insisted he had to remain tight-lipped.

"I have been placed under a very tight gag order by our Saints Row team," he explained. "Hang in there: you're going to love it." Analysis

Saints Row has established itself as the No.2 sandbox franchise behind Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto, and with no obvious competition in the genre this autumn the third game could extend its fanbase.

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dav2612's Avatar


Saints Row 2 was one of the most bug ridden games I played but even without the bugs, I wasn't so fussed by the last one and the humour felt like it was aimed at school kids, it was mildly amusing for a few minutes.
Posted 19:45 on 03 February 2011
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


InFamous 2 appeals to me in a big way. I'm interested to see what they can do with Saints Row. I mostly hope they remove that BS respect system where you had to do mundane tasks to unlock the next story mission. That really ruined my enjoyment of the last one.
Posted 15:56 on 03 February 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar


All I want is Bully 2...

Or This is Vegas. Or Ride to Hell.

No other sandbox title really appeals to me.
Posted 14:56 on 03 February 2011
EverTheOptimist's Avatar


I loved GTA IV, but when Saints Row 2 started marketing itself as something as potentially crazy as GTA: San Andreas I was very interested. Sadly it wasn't quite on par.

I just want Rockstar to make San Andreas 2.
Posted 12:54 on 03 February 2011
rico_rico's Avatar


hope they give the graphics and animation some attention this time
Posted 11:38 on 03 February 2011

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