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Carjack the '80s at 88mph and go on a Retro City Rampage! Score:


Our Verdict: The best moments of Retro City Rampage come from a shared enjoyment of the past.

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Retro City Rampage gets visual upgrade - and downgrade - on PSN

Free update to the PS3 and PS Vita game introduces RETRO+ and Prototype Version graphics modes.

6 Publish date Jul 18 2013

DmC and Retro City Rampage head up European PlayStation Store update

Retro City Rampage arrives with Cross-Buy and Cross-Save support.

1 Publish date Jan 16 2013

Retro City Rampage PS3 and PS Vita release date is January 16

Cross-Buy means you can play on both systems with just one purchase.

3 Publish date Jan 9 2013

Retro City Rampage out now for Xbox LIVE Arcade

Coming to Euro PSN for PS3 and Vita now more than two weeks later.

3 Publish date Jan 2 2013

Retro City Rampage is ready for release in Europe on PSN, Xbox LIVE and WiiWare

The last month has been spent working on a game update.

1 Publish date Nov 16 2012

European PS Store update October 31 – Okami HD and Assassin's Creed III

Still no Retro City Rampage, but an update is expected in the next week or so.

Publish date Oct 31 2012

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Retro City Rampage gets visual upgrade - and downgrade - on PSN in Article Comments

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Of course you have every right to voice your displeasure, I never said anything to the contrary. I disagree you are being shafted though.

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